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Stop Postponements in the Home Party Business -Part 2

Apr 12, 2008
Anyone that books a home party demonstration with you wants to have a successful home party, and if she senses that her home party isn't going to be successful, if she doesn't have guests coming, she will postpone or cancel. Most direct sales consultants think that their hostesses know what to do to have a successful home party, which is of course to invite guests that are going to buy the product.

Unfortunately, most of your hostesses really don't really know how to get the guests to show up for their home party for several reasons. I'll share just one with you right now.

When your hostesses take action and start inviting people to their home party, what's the thing they predominately think about? They think about whom they should invite. They get out a piece of paper and start to write down names. There's nothing wrong with that, but you need to understand that is what they do.
They don't think about what to say. They only think about whom to invite. So who's to say that your hostess knows how to describe your products in a manner that will capture the interest of the people she invites?

Doesn't it make far more sense for you, the direct sales consultant, the expert on this product, to coach her about things to say that get attention and generate interest? Why wouldn't you want to insure that your future hostess is inviting people in a way that motivates them to attend the show? Well, what better way to insure that than to tell her what to say?

One of the most critical reasons why you have to coach each hostess is to help her understand what to say to her friends so that those friends WANT to attend. Just saying, "Hi Suzy, I'm having an XYZ home party on the 21st this month" isn't going to get her friends excited to attend. However, that is definitely better than just sending out postcards. So even if your hostess calls friends with just that unattractive pitch, she'll get better results than she would just sending out an email or postcards.

I hope that what I just shared with you has completely convinced you how important it is to spend ten minutes on the phone coaching your hostess. The reason I hope that is because I know that you're going to go through the pain of last minute postponements and cancellations as well as some lousy home shows, if that didn't convince you.

There's just one final thought I want to communicate. One of the main reasons that direct sales consultants end up with more postponements in their calendar than they care to count is that they don't have a well thought out hostess coaching system in their business. The sooner they implement a system, the sooner they see postponements become a thing of the past.
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Tammy Stanley directs The Sales Refinery and assists direct sales consultants generate more business through powerful marketing strategies. Learn how to 'Stop Postponements in the Home Party Business,' at http://www.tammystanley.com/direct_sales_products/ebook.html
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