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Don't Fall Victim To A Scammer!

Apr 12, 2008
How many times have you read about someone who was sucked in by an unscrupulous scammer? Do you want to know how you can avoid being next? Ask yourself: are you about to be scammed? (how do you know which home business opportunities are scams and which ones are not?) It's really very simple, you just need to remember a few basic rules.

First, find out how they learned your name and address? If you signed up for reputable home business mailing lists, they may be legit. If you didn't, you should be wary. Anyone who has a legitimate offer will not hide their identity or conceal how they obtained information about you.

Second, what exactly are they promising? Offers of millions of dollars with little or no effort are all too common. Unfortunately, a real home based business will never provide that kind of payoff. Making money takes time and effort. If it didn't, wouldn't there be a lot more millionaires in the world?

Let's suppose that you have an offer that has passed these two tests. Should you go ahead, or are you about to be scammed? A red flag that may pop up at this point is a request for money before any additional information is provided. If the program is reputable, they should be willing to explain the basic nature of the business without any input of capital. Anyone who wants you to give them money before you know enough to make an informed decision should not be trusted.

Just another thing to be aware of: many business ideas which seem reputable and legitimate will require you to spend a lot of money on setup and equipment. Are you confident enough that the business will work that you want to spend a lot of money before you've even started earning?

You can avoid being scammed if you do your research and give any business opportunity a lot of thought before moving forward. The biggest mistake you can make is to move too quickly, tempted by the promise of big payoffs. Con artists may seem like nice, trustworthy people, but that is the pointit only works if the mark believes the con artist is honest.

It's hard to be suspicious all the time, and you may feel cynical and jaded. But a legitimate business person will recognize your caution as evidence of your readiness to be a successful business owner. They will be encouraged by it, not put off.

If you can remain patient and alert when opportunity comes your way, ready to walk away from any deal that doesn't seem right, you will still have your money when the right business for you becomes available. Don't let a scammer take that away from you!
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