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Creating Your Ebay Store Business Plan

Apr 12, 2008
Seeing others making a quick buck through Ebay, you decide to try it personally but instead of pockets of money, you end up burning a hole in your pocket. Why you may ask; the fundamental why most businesses fail is because the businessman failed to plan. It does not matter whether your's is a real store or an online store that you run on Ebay, having an action plan is essential. With that said, here are a few tips to help you develop an eBay business plan.


"Know your enemy as yourself", you first got to understand what you are dealing with before going to handle it head on. Most people fail at this first obstacle as they dive head first into starting a business thinking that they would be successful and they would achieve their big break in such a fashion. However, in reality what they really succeed in is really failure. Without the prior knowledge about the industry, they invest in all the wrong things and make all the wrong decisions.

Ebay is not different, yes the 'battleground' may be different as you are dealing with a virtual online world; however in order to have a prosperous Ebay business, you have got to plan and research first. In actual fact, Ebay has many tools that can help them become successful, but most of them never use them at all. For example, there are tools such as Ebay University or Ebay tutorials, but there are hardly used by most Ebay users but the fact is that people who use them actually become more successful sellers!

Organize Your Research

Now that you have done a little homework, it is now time to move on to other things. Be sure to record down all the research you have done or it will be all for nothing. Staying organized will help you to cut off any bad ideas and expand on the good ones.

Besides, with your research, you should come up with multiple ideas to expand on and think of ways to make your business more profitable. You can actually use the "What's Hot" function to help you sieve out which are the products that are actually profitable and select them for the respective industries

Find Products to Sell

It is highly recommended that you start off first by going to your nearby local discount store to find a number of items that you can get at low prices. Remember them and go home to search it up Ebay and if you find that they are selling at more than you will have to pay, then you have gotten yourself a product to start with! This is only one of the ways of finding products and the list is non-exhaustive. You can search flea markets, garage sales and everywhere else to find the best deals, just make sure that there is potential for profit before you start buying them.

Basically, that's it! Now that you have a simple business plan, your next step is to act out your plan! Start researching about the tools on Ebay and learn how to become a successful seller. Your first step to success is taking action to carry out your plan.
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