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Free Teleconferencing May Benefit Any Business or Organization

Apr 12, 2008
Businesses are not the only ones pioneering valuable uses for free teleconferencing. It has been beneficial for associations and non-profit organizations across the country. Of course, prosperous businesses, even Fortune 500 companies with cash to burn, find it useful, but for businesses and organizations with tiny communication budgets, it is huge service.

When every dollar counts, it is difficult for some charitable organizations to justify spending tens of thousands of dollars on paid conference calls annually. Discovering free conference calls is real piece of luck. For an organization like the Salvation Army, which has 9,000 workers in thirteen states to coordinate, it is invaluable. They use it to organize their services, assess new people, and disseminate. Since they can use their account as often as they want without ever needing a reservation, they can complete lots of tasks with free teleconferencing.

Another organization that owes a great deal-including lives saved-to free conferencing is the Kidney Cancer Association. Not just nationwide, but worldwide, this medical association continuously uses the service for their doctors to pass along vital information to patients around the globe. They especially appreciate that the service is free, but also that the totally digital system provides perfect sound and never a dropped call.

This collaborative communication system has applications for any group, no matter their need. The larger and more far flung the enterprise, the more crucial free teleconferencing can be. It is a quick way of bringing people together in a live setting with no to-do and none of the expense of travel. People who may miss out on the original call can still benefit with free call recording and call playback functions. All they have to do is download the recorded call to PC and they can catch up anytime.

For industries, non profits, professional associations, even class reunions and sports teams, free teleconferencing can deal with a lot of problems. There is no harm in giving it a trial. The longer you use it, the more functions you will find for it!
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