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SEO On Page and Off Page SEO Explained

Apr 12, 2008
New Website Needs Visitors

As soon as you design and build a website, no matter what the underlying purpose is, you soon will start to realize that the only way to profit from the site is if you get some visitors. And content, no matter how great, is not enough to ensure success.

Finding Your Site - Search Engine Optimization

Most sites get most of their new visitors from search engine results. People go to the search engine to find answers, and your site needs to be on the first page of the listings in order to get those people to click on your link. And Google is the main site you need to worry about since it receives more than half of the search traffic on the web today.

Search Engine Optimization, What is It?

Getting your site placed highly in search engines is done through SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is the act of modifying your site or working with other sites to get your pages to rank highly on search engines, especially Google, for the keyword phrases that you think are important - and that will send relevant visitors to your site.

What are the Two Main Types of SEO?

On site, or on page, SEO is the first type. Off site, or off page, SEO is the other type.

On Page or On Site SEO

SEO that is done on page is simple making your content look appropriate to the search engines for the keyword phrases that you think people will search for to fined your site. You do the work on your site to make your content attractive to the search engines and not just to your visitors.

What is Off Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO that is focused on off page or off site issues is all about incoming links. Google, especially, ranks pages higher if incoming links from quality sites indicate that the site provides useful information and/or is an authority in the area of the content.

Which Type of SEO is Most Important?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. Although you can get a lot of visitors to your site with a comprehensive linking strategy, it is important that you have quality content that is related to what the visitor is seeking or else the bounce rate (the visitor clicks away from your page without visiting any other page on your site) will be high and getting the visitor to come to your site to begin with won't mean anything.

Content without links will rarely be enough - to get your site to live up to its potential you must do both types of SEO.

Obviously, you must balance the effort you put into on page and off page SEO to achieve the best results.
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