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The Benefits Of Leaflet Distribution When Building Brand Recognition

Apr 12, 2008
In these recent times of increasing concern over reduced consumer spending, many companies are now looking for a cost effective way to grab a fast evaporating market share. Leaflet distribution is increasingly being seen as the best way to get ones message directly into homes and business, without the expense involved in Television and Radio commercials and yet more exclusive than Newspaper advertising.

Once seen as the 'poor mans promotion', of all the below the line methods of advertisement, leaflet distribution is fast becoming mainstream. This owes mainly to the cost effective nature of the medium. Many distribution companies will charge a fixed rate per thousand flyers distributed, meaning that one can often reach every property in a medium sized town for between four and five hundred pounds. With an average return on investment rate of around 1%, for a relatively small outlay, a well managed, targeted door drop campaign can produce excellent results.

When planning the intricacies of a leaflet distribution campaign, one will have to choose between 'solus' or shared distribution. 'Solus' simply means that the flyer is distributed on its own - no other material from any other company (conflicting or not) will go through the letterbox with your leaflet. This is widely regarded as the preferable option, owing to the far superior return rates that one can expect from this method.

Shared distribution is of course, the direct opposite, and involves, as the name suggests, sharing your door drop with a number of other companies. Naturally, this will reduce the costs involved, but return rates are difficult to ascertain, and lower doorstep recognition may also hamper your own back checking and verification process. The biggest risk is that that if your distribution is shared with other material, your leaflet may not be read at all. Often when a pile of 'junk mail' arrives on the doormat of your potential client, their temptation is to pick up the whole lot, and throw your professionally designed, carefully worded leaflet straight into the bin.

Leaflet distribution can be a fantastic way to build up brand recognition over a period of time. The key thing to remember is that on the first occasion your leaflet hits a doormat, your potential customers may not have any need for your services. The likelihood is that they may not require your product the second time either, and they won't take advantage of your special offer the third time you shove a leaflet through their door. The point is that eventually, when they happen to need blinds fitted, lawns mowed, or even debts consolidated, because your material has landed consistently in their homes every week, the company that they use will be yours.

No form of advertising produces instant response, and doing one door drop will not make you millions. Building brand recognition is hard work, and can take months, even years to achieve. It's easy to fall at the first hurdle and get disheartened when the enquiries don't come flooding in from the very first drop. Conducting a targeted leaflet distribution campaign over a period of time, dropping to the same houses each week is certainly not the easy way out, and will never be regarded as a quick fix. It is however, a sustainable way to ensure steady growth of ones business in an increasingly tough market place.
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Shaun Parker has been involved in leaflet distribution, leaflet delivery and door to door marketing for many years. His shares his eperience to help you.
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