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Rapid Marketing Techniques For Rapid Results

Apr 12, 2008
Sometimes in business you need to increase sales rapidly. Perhaps it's a slow time of year, or perhaps you have a certain product that your want to move fast. Are there marketing techniques that can be instituted rapidly and deliver fast and measurable results?

Well, yes, there certainly are, and in this article I'll be telling you about some tried and tested methods. Firstly, never overlook direct mail. A flyer can be prepared and printed in a matter of a morning and attaching labels takes another 24 hours, depending on the size of your mailing list. If you are using bulk mail or using a printer's services for printing postcards you might need more time. It will take about a week to get direct mail to the customer.

Secondly there is print advertising. This is suitable for rapid turnaround because generally there are short lead times. If you have an ongoing campaign with a particular publication then you can quickly work out a new advertisement and have it in the next edition in about three days, if it's a daily publication such as a newspaper.

And don't overlook radio and television. If you have a campaign running then creating, recording and editing a new message will take a couple of days If a new ad is required, it will take time to liaise with agencies, hire talent and negotiate contracts. This will take two to three weeks.

It is quick to have a press release professionally written and submitted to the wire. This might take no more than a day. However, there is no guarantee that your press release will be used, or when, so this should not be regarded as failsafe rapid marketing method.

You can always blog or get involved in a forum. Respond to a well-visited blog, forum or bulletin board and introduce your solution. If your comment is approved you will be in front of clients' eyes practically immediately.

Get on the phone to existing clients once you have worked out what you want to say. There is immediate contact with a proven customer so this is a great way to drum up business in the immediate to short term.

Send a persuasive special offer email to your email list. Once again you will be approaching existing clients. It should take you less than an hour to craft your message and send the email.

Creating a per-per-click or pay-per-action campaign is easy. Just sign up, bid on your keywords or key phrases and set up your ads. It won't take more than an hour to get a campaign up and running.

If you are an iMedia fan create a series or funny or short videos and add them to a free video directory. Then you can blog about them. It takes time to make the videos and to submit them to them to a free video directory. Start blogging or have someone blog for you about the video.

These are just some great ways to achieve a revenue increase in the least possible time. Certainly you will be able to think of others if you give it some thought.
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