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Backlink Your Way To The #1 Spot In The Search Engines

Apr 12, 2008
Everybody keeps talking about backlinks. What are they? A backlink is a html link from another site back to your site. They are significant because of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is the practice of making your websites search engine friendly. These incoming links may be pointed to your sites home page or they may be pointed to internal pages (called deep linking) for the purpose of increasing the popularity of a specific section of your website.

In the world of backlinks, quantity is important. However, quality is also important. The more backlinks you have then the more the search engines trust your content. Google's more recent algorithm updates have included the importance of quality when referring to the page that the link is coming from. It used to be that you could go out and get 1000's of links and rise to number 1 in the search engine result pages (SERP's). But, that is no longer the case. Now you need to be more natural with your backlinking strategy.

Google uses the backlinks that it finds on the Internet pointing to your site to calculate a value called the PageRank (PR). Every page in your site has a pagerank, even if it is 0. Pagerank is one of the many factors that are used in the Google search algorithm and it's importance has seemed to diminish over the last couple of years. We do know that even if you pagerank has become less important, backlinks themselves are still very important.

Additional terms for describing backlinks are: inlinks, inbound links, inward links, and incoming links. These terms are all used interchangeably.

Backlinks can be used to find related websites that have linked to you, gauge your website popularity (or someone else's), and view what others may have written about the page being linked. When looking for the quantity of backlinks to your site, Yahoo is much better at reporting the real backlinks.

To hide the inner workings of the Google search engine algorithm, Google has refused to show you all of the sites that they know about that link to your site. Google will only show a partial list of those backlinks. Also remember that individual pages that have your backlink on them may not have the current PR calculated and may end up with a much higher PR during the next update.

The long term premise behind using backlinks was that the site pointing to yours is voting for you. At one time that vote had a very significant impact. However, over time, all the search engines are becoming more sophisticated and put less weight on this backlink vote. More recently they are putting significant emphasis on the content and context of the page being linked to and linked from. Pages with little to know relevance to each other end up counting very little.

Here are some various methods for generating backlinks to your site:

1. Article distribution with resource boxes

2. Articles Distribution

3. Comments in forums and blogs

4. Purchased links via link brokers (currently frowned on by Google)

5. 1 way or reciprocal link exchanges - 1 way links are much more desirable

Also don't just get backlinks from high PR pages. You want your backlinks to appear natural. So getting backlinks from lower PR pages as well as high PR pages is a more natural pattern.

The wanted result of getting all these backlinks to your site is to increase the natural search engine traffic that is directed to your site by being on the first page of the SERP's. But you should also see some traffic that comes to your sites through the backlinks themselves. So, when getting backlinks, you want to keep the reader in mind and try to make it enticing for the reader to click your link because there is something on the other end that they need.
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