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What you need to know about search engine submission, Part II

Apr 12, 2008
In part one we discussed the need to have your site indexed by the major search engines and ordered to be found in the search results. In this article we're going to discuss three ways to have your site indexed, get into the search engines database that are safe and will not get you banned by the search engines.

Have another website (that is already indexed) link to your site

Once a site is indexed or put into the search engines database, the search engine spiders go out to those pages anywhere for once a month to several times a day. You could get a one way link back to your website from a site that is already indexed the search engines will follow that link back to your site and index it. The challenge care is to put your link on the site that is related to what you do. Ideally, the link back to your site is on a site that is already considered an authority in your field. It is not a good idea for a plumber to swap links with a web designer. Speaking of swapping links, try and stay away from reciprocal linking and buying text link ads, more about that at a later date.

Publish an article or press release that has a link to your site

This practice has several great advantages. One is that a lot of those sites that allow you to publish your articles are free and are indexed constantly because the sites are constantly being updated with new content. Watch your article is submitted to one of the sites it may take up to two weeks to go through their editorial process and the review. When sure article is approved, your site can be indexed within a couple of days.

Sign up for paid search with each of the search engines

This is by far the fastest way to get your site indexed. When you signed up for an Adwords account in Google your website will be indexed immediately. It cost very little to set up an account. You can put in just a couple of keywords that you won a bid on and did very little so that your ad does not show up on the first few pages.

A great strategy for getting your website indexed and building links to your page

I would do a combination of first setting up a paid search account with at least the top three search engines Google, yahoo and MSN. Then I would start writing articles 500 to 600 words and start getting them published on as many publishing websites that you can.

Search engine submissions are very important but if done incorrectly can get you banned from the very search engines are trying to get into.
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