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Top Three Programs In Get Paid To (GPT) Industry

Apr 12, 2008
The GPT industry has had a bad reputation of sorts. A few bad companies who refuse to pay members or who require pay out levels that are nearly impossible to reach have turned many people away from Get Paid To offers. However, just because there are unscrupulous companies that have chosen to rip off participants, it does not mean that people can't earn cash money completing offers. In fact, when done correctly and when working with the right company, an individual can earn fast cash money to complete offers and also get paid to refer others to these websites. However, it is vitally important that you choose to work with the right companies. Below, we will discuss three of the top GPT websites.

1. MakeThatDollar: Make That Dollar is one of the premier Get Paid To sites in the industry. The company has over 20,000 members and more than 800 offers which are being updated daily. They also have many offers available for individuals who live outside of the United States. Membership is free and people can earn money from simply signing up for newsletters, completing surveys, clicking on text links and banners. Members also get paid to refer others. Right now they are also offering 20% for every member that people refer and 5% for every advertiser that you refer. Payouts are made via Paypal, Visa Giftcard, eGold and money orders.

1. CashCrate: Cashcrate is another very good GPT site. With minimum cash payouts of $10, you have a good chance of actually seeing some profits. To join Cash Crate you must be at least 13 years of age. This makes this a great way for a young teen to get paid to complete offers. It is a very simple way for them to earn cash money and saves you when it is allowance time. Payments are processed the 20th of the following month of you completing offers. People also get paid to refer others to Cash Crate, which provides a second income stream.

1. SwatCash: Swatcash is another excellent site for people to earn cash completing offers and doing paid sign ups. Again, members get paid to refer other members. They have a form of swatcash that can 'taken' from other members when playing the arcade games on their site. It's a unique concept and looks like it can be fun if you have the time to play their games. Signup is free and doesn't require a credit card. The payout minimum is $15.00 and people receive payment on the 15th of each month. The company will also allow people to donate part of your money to charity and they will match it 100%.

When participating in GPT programs, it is important to work with a legitimate company that actually makes payment. You don't want to waste your time or efforts either working for pennies or not getting paid at all. Three of the best GPT sites are Cash Crate, Make That Dollar and Swat Cash. I would suggest joining all 3 of these programs if your goal is to earn cash by completing offers, surveys or getting paid to sign up.
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Alexis Jamison is the Marketing and Communications Director for SkinZee, the leading low cost web design firm for new and pre-designed templates. MakeThatDollar.com The Highest Paying Survey Site We've Seen. SkinZee.com Good. Fast and Cheap Web design and Templates. OnlineStruggle.com A No B.S. Guide to Making Money Online.
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