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Direct Response Marketing: The Most Overlooked Aspect of Internet Marketing

Apr 12, 2008
If you are not using the Internet to advertise your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach targeted customers. Internet marketing can include article marketing, pay-per-click ads, creating an opt-in list, e-mail autoresponders, classified ads and more. One often overlooked aspect of Internet marketing is direct response marketing.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing is something we are all familiar with. Just turn on the TV late at night and you will see many infomercials. Direct response marketing requires a response from the potential client. Like the advertisers on the infomercials, you present your product, give people a reason to call (like offering a discount), and ask them to make the call.

Tips for Using Direct Response Marketing

* Make your ads unique. They should stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

* Write captivating copy to elicit an emotional response from potential customers.

* Target your direct marketing campaign within an appropriate audience to ensure a high success rate.

* Show customers how they will benefit from calling you. What is in it for them? Spell it out and leave nothing to the imagination.

* Make it easy for your clients to take action. Provide links to more information, a checkout, etc. Offer an opt-in list to stay in touch with potential customers. You can also offer a toll free number for people who prefer to do business over the phone.

* Pique their curiosity. Give them crumbs of information that leave them wanting more.

* Avoid giving customers the hard sell. Invite people to buy things rather than trying to sell them something.

Encourage Customers to Take Action

The first step in Internet marketing is to educate potential clients within your niche. As you present your ideas to a targeted group of people, you must be able to provide background information, as well as specifics on your product or niche. The stronger Internet presence you can create for yourself, the better, because people will start to see you as a trusted source. Trust is a key factor for people making online purchases.

The other part of direct response marketing is enticing people to take the next step. It is your job as a marketer to give them every opportunity to contact you. Setting up an autoresponder e-mail program is one way to stay connected with potential clients without having to spend hours replying to e-mails personally. Your job is to help them make the decision to take action. Give them a reason to move forward and make the call or make their first purchase. Offer a limited time special or discounted price to encourage immediate action.

Lastly, you will want to follow up with customers to ensure total satisfaction. You can promote your product, make the sale, and then lose business down the line because of poor word of mouth advertising from an unhappy customer. Happy customers will return in the future and they will tell others about your company.

Give your customers a reason to spread good news about you and your products. Devise a direct response marketing campaign by targeting your audience, generating curiosity and giving them a call to action.
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