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M.L.M Training - Try This Powerful Communication Technique

Apr 12, 2008
Successful network marketers must have a sure foundation of how to present the business. This MLM training tip shares a professional presentation technique you can use to get the results you've been looking for...more people signing up in your business.

I received a question from Andrea that reads:

"Tim, how would you handle this objection?

'If it is M.L.M I am not interested as I do not have the time and do not want to pressurize friends and family into buying from me. Nor do I have the money to spend $100.00 on advertising. And I do not want to go out talking to people/harassing people.'"

In my M.L.M. training program, Professional Inviter, I teach how to answer these two objections ("don't like sales" and "money objection").

I'd like to share something with you that will help with this.

Just a couple of days ago I was working in my home office and heard a knock at my door. I got up and opened it. Two young girls were standing on my doorstep fidgeting. They live next door to me and I had seen them around several times.

Girl A starts talking while Girl B watches her - she seemed the more "shy" one. Girl A says, "We're Girl Scouts and we're raising money for our troop. Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?" She then looks at Girl B and nods. Girl B looks at me and says, "They're really good!" Obviously they had rehearsed their lines before they knocked on the door.

I said, "Oh I know how good Girl Scout cookies are. But I typically don't eat sweets."

They looked at each other confused, waiting on the other to respond (I don't think they rehearsed what to say to that objection).

The one girl who was doing most of the talking said, "Okay" and they turned and walked away.

Early the next morning a light tap on my door caused me to wonder if someone was at the door, or if the wind was blowing hard. I opened it to see. The "shy" girl from yesterday was standing there, looking like she was on her way to school. She looked up and confessed, "I'm not supposed to eat sweets either - but I sometimes do." She turned and walked down the sidewalk.

Don't ever under estimate the power of a perfectly communicated concept.

You see, when I pictured cookies in my mind - I pictured having to run down the beach to burn the calories off. I also pictured the guilty feelings associated with eating them. Though hard for many people to believe, I had a bad picture of cookies! What this girl did was CHANGE WHAT I PICTURED ABOUT COOKIES! She made eating them "sometimes" okay. Very simply, the girl presented me a different picture. So I bought 7 boxes :)

Since the focus of this M.L.M. training article is teaching you presenting, I wanted to share this story with you so you can see the concept of what presenting is.

Typically when you get the "I don't want to do sales" objection you would try to find out what they're looking at on the subject of sales. In essence, "What in your view is wrong with talking to friends about something they need?" Then, you take up that topic and help facilitate them viewing it a different way.

So you can hammer through an objection (like in the above paragraph), but other times you can simply give someone a different view than what they're looking at as in the example I gave you about the Girl Scout. Certainly if this girl would have tried to go head to head with me on the subject of sugar she couldn't have gotten very far. But what she did was cause me to look at what is fun about eating cookies.

Helping people get a different picture is what presenting is all about!

In this helpful M.L.M training tip I've given you two different ways to handle this objection - I hope it helps you in the future.
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