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MLM Training - Stop Turning Your Prospects Off With This Bad Habit

Apr 12, 2008
One of the most important MLM training tips I can offer you is to make sure you keep your bad habits in check. Read on to learn what bad habit can really make prospects run off in the opposite direction and make sure it's a habit you have not developed.

Stephane sent me a question that relates to talking to a prospect on the phone:

"When I'm listening to my prospect, I take notes but that usually creates a situation where I'm a little off when he stops talking. Of course what I wrote down serves me well later but at that moment I don't have this cleverness you talk about in communication Quality #1. Any suggestions?"

For those of you unfamiliar with my MLM training program Professional Inviter, Communication Quality #1 is"Be interested in your prospect".

I'll bet you've experienced that the first and foremost quality that is obvious when you're in contact with a good communicator is that they are genuinely interested in you. It isn't that they are slick or that they shellack you with fake attention; they are really interested in you. You see it in them, or hear it when on the phone with them. They really listen to what you say and they let you know they heard it.

When you're interested in your prospect, he or she will know it and communicate more openly with you. The Inviting Formula will go smoothly and the result will be that you will have more people joining your organization and buying your products.

Here's the MLM training tip you want to remember: It's important that you not be multi-tasking when you're on the phone with a prospect. Meaning, don't be clearing email, watching TV or surfing the Internet when you're talking to someone. And, the reason why is because when your prospect has completed what they are saying, your reply will be slightly or grossly off and your prospect will sense this. This is a good way to make someone feel unimportant and they will then be less open with you.

Just in case Stephane is asking me -"Am I allowed to multi-task if what I'm doing while multi-tasking has to do with the prospect?" The short answer is"No".

The trick, and it's not really a trick, it's a skill, is to have a pen and paper there (do not use a key board) and only jot down a couple of words. I don't profess to be the greatest at this. For a perfect example of this MLM training tip, you can listen to a recorded call on Professional Inviter with a woman named Madison who answered my ad, you can hear exactly how I take notes.

She was running through her needs/wants and I was listening. Then when she stopped I was a little late in responding (because I was still jotting her needs/wants down) and I said to her,"And that was" then I read back the items I had written down. The only reason I was writing them down was because she had a rather long list. Normally I just write a word or two and never "mentally disconnect" from the actual conversation. Then after the call I'll make notes under the prospect's contact information on my computer.

On occasion (as was the case with Madison) I actually let the prospect know what I'm doing. If you are indeed caught (by your delayed response) writing something down when they conclude their sentence, then just say something like,"Sorry, I was just jotting down what you want to achieve. This helps me to help you achieve it. Let me make sure my note is accurate." Then list the item(s) for them.
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