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Improve Profits and Effectiveness Through a Competitive Focus on Irresistible Forces

Apr 13, 2008
Adding irresistible forces and their shifts as factors in analyzing potential competitive interaction can help you to create circumstances in which you have the playing field to yourself. This happens when competitors are unwilling or unable to respond. As a result, you can gain more advantage sooner and for a sustained period of time.

Which irresistible forces are affecting each of your competitors more or less than they are affecting you?

Differential effect is a keystone to creating competitive advantages that last. For example, all those forces that have stronger effects on you than on the competitor can be most easily turned into advantages. Where the effect is weaker on you, you have a potential vulnerability if the competitor shifts to take advantage of the irresistible forces.

To which irresistible forces are each of your competitors most misaligned?

Even better than having a differential effect is to have a competitor resisting an irresistible force that you are using to your advantage. This circumstance is like being in a sailing race with the wind comfortably from the side while the competitor's boat is facing head winds because the boat is being sailed incorrectly. Until the competitor tacks in the right way to capture the winds, you can make enormous progress. However, you need to be sure that you don't allow yourself to be swamped by excess demand for your products and services in such circumstances.

How do these match-ups of differential effect, alignment and misalignment look on an account-by-account basis?

This perspective will not only make you even more effective, it will make the thinking process more practical and easier to understand. This simplification is a great help to those who will be implementing based on what you have discovered. This specific way of thinking will be critical in markets where there are few customers, but it will become an even larger advantage in markets where there are many customers.

That is true because your competitors are unlikely to take their analysis to this individualized level. That oversight will allow you to easily maneuver around them using the irresistible forces to your advantage.

In considering competitors, don't forget to consider those organizations that might become competitors. Often the threat is greater from those sources than from slack, current competitors. In some cases, potential competitors may also include customers taking on your activity for themselves.
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