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Improve Effectiveness Through an Expanded Focus on Irresistible Forces

Apr 13, 2008
Your initial use of the irresistible force management process will probably find you looking in all the usual places, which will limit your ability to anticipate new irresistible forces and changes in existing ones. By looking in more unusual places, your insights into exponential success will grow much more rapidly. You learn less by only reexamining the ground you covered in your first uses of the process.

Which customers have changed their behavior most recently?

Although these customers won't necessarily be subject to new or changed irresistible forces, this is a good place to be looking for such shifts in conditions. You are most likely to have found something significant if those who are behaving differently have a common element such as the same location, similar business strategies, or early exposure to new influences.

In the past, which customers have been first to signal new irresistible forces and changed irresistible forces?

You'll want to monitor these customers as a way to locate early influences. Then you can test your changed responses before all your customers feel the effects.

How are those who are connected to your stakeholders changing their behavior?

When looking for the answer to this question, be sure to consider the following groups:

-Customers' customers
-Customers' customers' customers
-Customers' customers' customers' customers (and so on, for as long as the linkages go)
-Suppliers' suppliers
-Suppliers' suppliers' suppliers
-Suppliers' suppliers' suppliers' suppliers (and so on, for as long as the linkages go)
-Partners' customers and suppliers (and so on, as for customers and suppliers)
-Employees' families
-Families in the communities in which you operate
-Other organizations in the communities in which you operate

Frequently, the forces that affect these people and groups will change their behavior toward your firm. This situation is like watching a stone fall into a pond. Based on seeing where it lands, you can predict the timing of when the ripples will arrive where you are standing.

You may find it more advantageous to focus your actions first on helping the stakeholders closest to you. Prepare them to adjust to the shifting irresistible force trends in ways that will benefit both them and your company.

However, feel free to let your imagination roam. How else might be affected by irresistible forces? How can they help you anticipate and deal with the forces? How can you help them in turn in profitable ways?
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