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Upping Your Real Estate Business Yield with a Proper Mortgage CRM

Apr 13, 2008
Pumping the bottom line with good customer service is not unlike the restaurant industry. Some come at the food industry with an assembly-line-like mentality, where they think they can create a few good plates real easy and real fast and people will flock to them. Most have tried and died with this simplistic angle. You make good gourmet healthy food -- paying more to get good staff and ingredients -- you get reputation, clientele and may find yourself in a cult following.

It's not unlike selling another service or product. This is the philosophy behind customer relationship management (CRM). Mortgage CRM is no different. Having a strategy to deliver that is based on customer satisfaction is what CRM revolves around. There is no one set of management rules for any business because, each business has their own terms, product, services etc. You can set up some basic structure on what it does and what the intended mission for a lead management campaign. This article will go over a little about what mortgage CRM and, more specifically, what mortgage CRM software involves.

Mortgage CRM Software

For the most part, lead management software is essential for a market like the mortgage industry. You'll look at a mortgage company that employs a CRM software suite verses one that doesn't and you will easily be able to tell the difference between the flow of communication. The strong software grounded side will typically be more productive.

For instance, a mortgage business that is using an online lead management software can store, sort and send emails and call reminders to keep salespeople on the ball converting interested parties into paying home buyers, or finding new clients who need their home sold. Mortgage salespeople can use the software about potential buyers that stores important information like their spending loan amount, what geographic location they are looking for, when they are available to be contacted.

Another instance, with Mortgage CRM software, when the lead closes, the salesperson can easily convert the data to loan origination software or other software to store and further develop the customer relationship.
The basic thrust of this lead management is to take the leads, distribute them to the sales force appropriately, track those leads, analyze the effectiveness of the sales, and ultimately convert the prospect to a full paid customer.

The last major point that drives the value of using a Mortgage CRM is keeping all your departments in line with the customer's information. The software will eliminate the need for one department to construct unique reference software for customers. The information, notes and stage where a customer may be, will be not only known by the sales department, but by the customer service agents and the executive staff alike. The CRM software is to keep everyone with the same data, updated close to real time.
About the Author
Leads 360 (http://www.leads360) designs Mortgage CRM and lead management software that is simple, malleable and highly effective for the mortgage industry. Distribute, track, analyze and convert is the Leads 360 mantra bent on making businesses more money. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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