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Increasing Your Ebay Traffic

Apr 13, 2008
It's not unusual for the majority of us to always be rushing. We rush to get out of the door in the morning, we rush to get the kids to school and then at the end of the day we rush to pick the kids back up to get to soccer practice. It's also not unusual for us to run smack-dab into a traffic gridlock right in the middle of our busy schedule. But when you're hoping to build traffic for your eBay auctions, tumbleweeds sometimes seem to scurry across a stark and uninhabited desert.

Humor me for a moment more with the traffic scenario. The first thing that marks rush hour is, you guessed it, people. Well, maybe its cars, but for the sake of my argument, let us leave it at people. Similarly, this is where the groundwork of your auctions should begin - with others. Log onto eBay and find the most profitable auctions in your market. Ask yourself a few questions - Why were they successful? What category was the item listed in? Also, was the item listed in multiple categories? How was the item described? How could you spice up your description?

There are trends in the area of eBay selling just as there are trends in the fashion world. The most popular one today is cross-promotion. You may have seen this illegitimately done on your Myspace page and been forced to send Tom (the owner of MySpace) a note regarding the matter.

Well, unlike this Myspace spam, partnering with an eBay seller that hosts auctions similar to your own is an ideal circumstance. It allows you to mutually post auction links on each other's site, increasing the traffic to both of your auctions. This is like unearthing a treasure chest packed full of selling opportunities.

Creating enticing titles for your auctions is also a key to a acquiring a favorable response. Let us say that eBay is hosting an auction for a set of china dishes. The title of the auction reads, "8 Piece China Dish Set". Pretty boring - right? How about we spice it up a bit? An "Elegant Blue-Trimmed China Set" reads much more attractively than the previous title. Toss in some bold text to your auction (for a small additional fee), and your advertisement has the potential to double in profitability.

Timing is another critical element in the world of traffic creation. Let's assume you are selling an item that is of interest to people who go to school. When would you want that auction to start and end? Remember, the price of an item, along with the traffic it can get, rely on the auctions last few moments. Keeping this in mind, do you really want to end your auction at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday? Probably not. Saturday and Sunday evenings are probably going to be your best bet.

While I have no magic method for avoiding the evening rush hour and handling your chaotic schedule, I can tell you that these simple tips will help to build your profits and make your eBay selling more successful than ever before.
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