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Brochure and Postcard Printing

Apr 13, 2008
Using brochures and postcards for marketing are extremely powerful tools for communicating your message to prospective clients. They are one of the most frequently used forms of print medium for communication today.

If you do not have budget to print a full color information booklet for your products, you can get brochures and postcards to do the same job and at a much lower cost. Here we plan to discuss some features of brochure and postcard printing which you should consider before making your final decision.

There is a lot of versatility with brochures and postcards in both content and use. By changing the format they can be used as a booklet or a poster. Always remember that it is vital to make a powerful and lasting first impression.

Preparing the design is the first step in the printing process. The purpose of the brochure or postcard is to define why your product is better than others and by using this printing method you can accomplish that goal without lengthy, monotonous texts. Put emphasis on the unique and significant features of your product with crisp dialogue and captivating language.

Always consider using attractive and professional colors and fonts. There are some fonts or color schemes that look great on your monitor or on the proof from the printer. But be aware that what looks great as a proof or on your monitor may look totally different from the final printed product. It is highly suggested that you consult with your printer before finalizing any details.

Of late, digital printing has solved many such problems associated with brochure and postcard printing. Now, you almost get the color you see on the monitor with much more versatile options. Another great advantage of digital printing is you can customize your brochures and postcards according to your needs.

The paper and any other material you select will depend on your requirements. If you are sending brochures and postcards by post the weight of the paper should not be too heavy. When speaking with your sales representative, always ask about the paper quality for your brochure or postcard. Using a thick, coated paper that is great for personalized business presentations can produce a more vibrant look and feel, for your brochure and postcard.

For printing the brochure and postcard with commercial printing processes like offset lithography, make sure the printer is committed toward delivering the quality. Go through the printed samples they have and ask someone who has used their services in the past. If the printer has some additional equipment for post-printing finishing operations like varnishing or lamination that will be a bonus.

Now that there is a lot of competition in the printing field, it has kept the printing costs lower. You can get the best value for your money by finding the right combination of design and print and within your budget.
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