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The Five P's For a Gratifying Home Business

Apr 13, 2008
Having your own home business is the dream of so many of us. You can work when you want, relax when you want, enjoy free time in so many ways, all the while making tons of money with little or no effort. Work on your laptop while vacationing in the Bahamas. Check in with you banker to see how much money has been deposited since the last time you checked. Sound familiar?

Well, it can happen. Such dreams do come true. Sometimes. More often that not, they don't. Here's why. Successful businesses require a great deal of effort, focus, and incentive. You have to find a niche for which you have a Passion, the first "P". A home-based business is like any other business in that it requires one hundred percent of your focus. You must have a clear cut goal, work up a plan to achieve the goal, and then follow the plan. In the internet business, you will be bombarded with dozens of distractions every single day, each one offering an "easy" way for you to reach your goal.

You must stay focused and ignore the distractions. You must be Patient, the second "P", because it simply takes time for your strategies to work. The consumer is always slower to respond than we want. Try to maintain balance between your work time and your leisure time. When it is time for work, stay focused. When you've achieved your daily work goals, then relax and enjoy life. Far too many home business owners get overwhelmed with work and distractions, and soon suffer from burn-out. Hard work and effort is not the problem as much as the lack of balance between work and play.

A well balanced schedule will allow your business to receive the attention and focus necessary. This enables you to make better decisions. One of the great things about a home business it that you seldom have to make a rushed decision. The next "P" is for Persistence. Stick with your plan, don't give up. I a particular ad doesn't draw enough clicks, change the ad, don't abandon the idea. Stay the course, be persistent, try again, and again, and again. You will eventually learn what works for you and your business if you maintain patience and persistence.

Passion for your business, patience with your prospects, persistence with your plan: these three "P"s must precede your awaited Prosperity!

Finally, I cannot emphasize my special motto too much: Passion, Patience, and Persistence Precede Prosperity.
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Rich Roberts is an internet entrepreneur who regularly reviews various internet marketing programs, schemes, and scams and report his findings through blogs and websites.
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