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Explaining Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity To A Cold Market

Apr 13, 2008
Why would you want to engage a short attention span applicant in your Internet network marketing business? After all, are these not the people that get lost stringing more complex thoughts together while at the same time not being able to sit still long enough to truly appreciate the depth of the information you are sharing with them? While it is true that a short attention span candidate may be a bit of a challenge to place into your down line, their value is indisputable: social butterflies, highly energetic, the toast of the town and the life of any party, this is the person who draws others like a magnet. For every batch of leads which you have to obtain with your hard earned money, this kind of down line candidate will be able to bring you a similar batch within a fraction of the time at no cost! Furthermore, since these leads were generated by someone with that kind of enigmatic personality, the odds are good that the majority of these leads will be qualified, whereas the majority of the leads you can purchase are more or less generic. Thus, wooing a short attention span candidate for your down line is a major success story - but it requires a bit of finesse!

Explaining your Internet network marketing business opportunity to a short attention span candidate will require you to showcase the product and the network from the angle of fun, excitement, usefulness but also wonder, opportunity, and advancement. It is vital that you do not overwhelm this candidate with too many facts but instead break down the information you are going to give and only provide the kind of facts that are the most vital at the moment given and which at the same time will provide the hook that will cause the short attention span candidate to listen for more facts.

It is hard for novices to persuade these kinds of candidates to buy into an Internet network marketing business opportunity simply because they will mistake the jubilant personality of the candidate for definite buying in signals, only to realize that they failed to amaze the short attention span individual sufficiently to cause them to sign up. The trick to dealing with this kind of down line candidate is to first let them try the product, then turn them into a customer, and only later on, when the candidate has become a repeat buyer, to broker the suggestion that she or he will want to buy into the Internet network marketing business opportunity. Knowing what makes this kind of customer buy your product time and again will tip you off to the course of action to take when involving this person in your down line. In addition to the foregoing, it will also help you to understand how to go about training them so that they will be able to train their down line in turn. Generally speaking, it is the experienced network marketer who will have the most success with this type of candidate while it is the newbie who will be wise to first hone their people skills and also sales skills prior to attempting a business partnership with this personality type.
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