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The Network Marketing Sandwich Shop Conversation

Apr 13, 2008
Have you ever walked into your local sandwich shop and been completely impressed by the fantastic service and enthusiasm you received?

Probably not likely if it is a chain or franchised business. It is not far fetched to assume that most people reading this article usually experience a mediocre dining experience at their local sandwich shop. What can you expect from a group of people getting paid no more than $8-$10 an hour at best.

I held this belief until recently, when I decided to go to one particular sandwich shop, and was completely floored by the amount of enthusiasm and excitement that existed from the moment I walked in, to the moment I left. I was thoroughly impressed.

This is not a typical experience for me. In fact, it happens so seldom that on this particular occasion I had decided to write this article because I was so impressed with the service I received from this one person. From this experience, I realized I had learned a thing or two about sales from this dexterous deputy of the deli.

As soon I was walked in the door, I was greeted with a booming welcome, and ear to ear smiles. These people were happy to see me. As I approached the counter to make my selection it was recommended that I try the number 5, but to please take my time in choosing.

I decided to go with the recommendation as they made my sandwich right in front of me in less than a few minutes. I was out the door shortly afterward, a happy and satisfied customer surely to return for future business.

What can you, as a Network Marketer, learn from this story?

I would suggest you can learn several things, as I did.

First of all, a guy working at a sandwich shop has very little to gain from his enthusiasm towards you other than potential tips that he shares with others, which usually isn't very much. He doesn't make commissions, and he most certainly does not get an on going residual income every time I come back.

So what is he so enthusiastic about?

My guess is that his enthusiasm is authentic, because he is happy to be there. He knows that if he radiates happiness, it will be contagious to his co-workers and most importantly his customers. It certainly was for me.

I think there are certain kinds of people that are just happy in general, and therefore create a magnetic quality about them. The truth is, we can all create this magnetic quality, if we pay attention to our attitude and our intentions towards others.

The second thing I learned is that being genuinely curious will beat a snappy sales spiel any day.

A guy from a sandwich shop, probably earning no more than $10.00 per hour, taught me something about sales. I am almost 100% sure he has no idea what he taught me. He had no agenda attached to the sale. He was just happy to be there, and was genuinely curious about what I wanted.

I was considering getting something else, but because he recommended something with such enthusiasm, and had absolutely no attachment to whether I wanted it or not, I ended up taking his advice. Now when I go into that sandwich shop I trust his advice and I am a loyal customer. If only he knew the power behind this. Perhaps I'll pique his interest on my next visit!

It is important to see where people are at, and discover their needs. In network marketing, this is especially true. Whether you are intending to get a customer, or recruit a new distributor, you must first uncover what people are looking for. You can do this by asking a few questions, and being genuinely curious.

If people seem in the dark about what they want, you can offer helpful suggestions, or offer to educate them if you can provide some value. The important thing is to be authentically enthusiastic and genuinely curious.

The third and most important thing I learned was that the authentic enthusiasm and genuine curiosity that resonates throughout this place is consistent. It puts a huge smile on my face every time I enter the sandwich shop, because now I know I will get that same service every time I go there.

How are you treating your prospects and customers? Are you really enthusiastic when you are trying to sell them, and then mildly interested if they don't buy?

Do you remember your customers birthday or other important events to them?

In network marketing, and pretty much any kind of sales, people will do business with you because they like you and they want to see you succeed. You should return the favor. Your bank account will thank you.

People can pick up on phony enthusiasm right away. Most can tell if you have an agenda.

The important lesson I have learned overall is that you must bring value to people's lives in order for them to listen to anything you have to say about your product or opportunity. In order to bring value, you must discover what they might be looking for, or at least guide them in the direction that is best for them without trying to persuade them to your way of thinking.

Do business this way, and they will gladly buy from you without your snappy sales spiel.
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