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Wordpress Lessons Review: Learn How To Make Money With Your Wordpress Blog

Apr 13, 2008
Are WordPress Lessons right for you? If you want to make money on the internet, read on and find out.

A WordPress blog is almost a must-have these days, especially if you want lots of traffic and high search engine rankings. Google loves blogs because Google loves fresh content. And if you set up and run your blog correctly, Google will love yours too.

I was a total newbie when I started my first round of WordPress Lessons, taught by Mike Paetzold, and I have to admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed. There was just so much information. I barely got my blog set up before the course was halfway over. And Mike wants us to have our blogs up and running BEFORE he even gets started with the actual lessons.

But a funny thing happened. As I went back over the material and asked questions, which Mike patiently answered, in detail, it started to fall into place. By the time the course was over, I had a blog up and running, and was happily blogging away.

So how do WordPress Lessons work and what will you get?

It's set up as a membership site. In that site, you get everything you need (blog files, plug-ins, etc.) set up ready for download and installation. There are videos that show how to do it all, plus PDF file checklists. The lessons themselves are held as webinars.

The idea is that you install your blog before things even start, but newbies rarely manage to do it all. No problem. Mike helps, in the forum, through his help desk, and live during the lessons.

In the lessons, Mike helps us to set up our blogs so that the search engines will love them and list them where people can find them. And he helps us set them up so that they'll run smoothly.

And how to make money. In fact, one lesson was entirely devoted to ways in which we could monetize our blogs. And not only the various ways, but also strategies to maximize the income from them, i.e., which ones to put where, what kinds of promotional tools to pick, and so on.

Of course, without traffic there won't be any money, so an entire lesson is devoted how to drive traffic to them and build a list.

In the last lesson, Mike looked at our blogs, and helped us make them look more professional, work better, and make more money. And since the lessons were in webinar format, we could see everybody's blog as he talked about them and were able to learn from each of his case studies.

So should you consider taking WordPress Lessons? You might want to seriously consider it if any of the following applies:

You want a blog to promote your business
You want to build an internet business
You have a blog that isn't doing what you want it to do
You want to earn (more) money with your blog

The last one is what WordPress Lessons is really designed for. Mike makes a full-time living with his blogs, and he's very open about sharing the good, the bad, and the how-to.

Any drawbacks? The first go-around can be challenging if you're a total newbie. But if you're willing to stick with it and work hard, you can do it, and you'll get all the help you'll need to make it happen.

Another drawback? With all the trouble-shooting and the individual questions, the lessons can get a bit tedious at times. But I've never considered tuning out - the info I got was just too valuable.

So even the drawbacks are actually plusses of sorts - too much information means when you're ready for it, it'll be there for you to make use of. And Mike's patient and elaborate answers are worth their weight in gold, especially if they answer your own questions.
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You can learn more and sign up for WordPress Lessons at WordPress Lessons. If they're closed, just bookmark the URL for next time. You may have to wait three months till the next round, but this is one class that's worth the wait. Meanwhile, you can read more about them at My Favorite Webstuff Blog and sign up for updates.
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