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Website Design Using An Easy To Use Graphics Editor

Apr 14, 2008
Contrary to what you may have heard it is a lot harder to build your own website than what you think. There are dozens of factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Issues such as speed of page loading, navigation menus, graphics, and content are all considerations that cannot be overlooked. However this does not mean that the average internet user like yourself cannot build a superb looking website as long as you have all the right tools.

First and foremost a website HTML friendly program like FPX would be a great start and an easy to use graphics editor that can be downloaded from the internet.

To begin with your ideas and plans for the website you will be building need to be carefully written out first and a little experimentation done with the software that you will be using.

What needs to be remembered is that you will be designing your website for your visitors and not for yourself. Your website design is going to play a vitally important role if you are going to be using it to sell products. Visitors are your customers so making sure your website loads fast is very important. This is where your graphics editing software will be crucial.

Flashy banners and graphics result in your web page loading very slowly, and with internet users' short attention spans they may not be prepared to wait. It has been proven that pages taking longer than 20 seconds and more to load will result in your visitors leaving even before they have seen your products or services.

Fortunately graphics editing programs allow you to change image formats, crop and compact slow loading images and much more. Your image sizes are going to be the biggest factor determining the speed of the page loading so taking the time to find out how to use it properly is certainly very sensible. A graphics editing program still gives you the possibility of making your website visually appealing while not compromising on the speed of the loading of the page.

There are other options for website design if you think it sounds more than you can handle. The downside is that you could pay quite a bit of money to a graphics designer for the job and this may not be possible on a limited budget. It is not as difficult as what most people think and if you find an easy to use graphics editor it can be quite fun playing around with images and creating different designs for your website.

You will certainly be at an advantage rather learning website design yourself because this will allow you to change your website to keep up with changing trends on the internet rather than having to use the services of a graphics designer each time you need a modification done on your website.

Do a little research and find an easy to use graphics editor and HTML program to begin with and apply a little patience. No doubt you will be both pleased and proud of yourself after you see what possibilities there are pursuing website design on your own.
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