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Understanding UV Free Tanning

Apr 14, 2008
We have all heard the warnings about UV rays from tanning indoors and outdoors being harmful. The number of young people being diagnosed with skin cancer continues to be on the rise. As a result, many consumers are looking for saver alternatives. If they are at a high risk of skin cancer or their skin is extremely sensitive, UV free tanning many be something worth looking into.

Some people worry that UV free tanning can be harmful to them though as they may inhale some of it. There is no information to support that claim in any way. The product that is used for UV free tanning won't cause breathing problems, harm your eyes, or affect your hair if it gets onto your scale. It is a very convenient and safe way to get a gorgeous tan in very little time.

Most of us have tried those UV free tanning locations or sprays you get at the store. Even if you are very careful with them, you still end up with streaks. Some people have ended up with orange looking skin that they try to hide for days until it fades away. My experience has been that around my knees and elbows the product looks like I don't wash well in those areas. That isn't the look I am after when I am trying to get a nice color for my skin.

A faster UV free tanning option is a booth that often resembles the regular UV ray tanning booth. While many tanning salons realize the benefits of this type of equipment, it is extremely expensive and therefore not all of them have been able to implement it for their customers. It is fast and easy to use this type of UV free tanning booth and you will have your privacy.

When you are ready, push the button and you will get a mist of the spray. You will need to turn around and do it again go get an all over tan. After you are done, simply towel off the excess spray and you can get dressed and be on your way. The spray won't come off on your clothes after you are done. You can go back to work or anywhere you want to go for the day.

There is no research to indicate that the materials used for UV free tanning are harmful to people in any way. You have no reason to be worried if you happen to breath it in while the procedure is taking place. It will look very natural and as the tan starts to fade away you can schedule another appointment so that you always have the beautiful looking tan that you want.

With these types of UV free tanning options, you won't need to frequent the tanning salon as often. The tan will last from 3 -10 days as it depends on the individual. As you use it more, you will find the tan lasts longer because you still have some of the base underneath it. You will want to make sure you exfoliate and that you keep your skin very moist with lotion as it will help your UV free tan last longer.

If you are interested in what UV free tanning can offer, you should check with the local tanning salons in your area. If they don't offer it, they may decide to if enough people continue asking about it. You will be able to get a gorgeous tan without exposing your body to the harmful UV rays. You will also be able to get a tan much faster with these UV free tanning options.
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