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Four Helpful Tips When Setting Up Your Christmas Yard Decoration

Apr 14, 2008
Since your childhood you have always been enthralled with the magic of the Christmas season. This magic was captured through the exchange of Christmas presents, the eager anticipation of a visit from Santa Claus and of course the spirit of Christmas that captured goodwill towards all.

One of the most enjoyable family memories that you treasured occurred on Christmas Eve. Your parents would pack up the entire family in the automobile and you would travel around the various neighborhoods and take in the Christmas yard decoration. Sometimes a Christmas yard decoration in this regards was incredibly elaborate and contained hundreds of lights. And sometimes these displays were very simple in nature.

This type of Christmas yard decoration would represent all aspects of the holiday season ranging from snowmen to Santa Claus to Christmas trees and of course the Nativity scene. Generally these decorations were highlighted with various twinkling lights. It was a wonderful time.

This year you have decided to set up your own Christmas yard decoration. Some helpful tips when considering your own display is to first of all decide what you are display will look like, where it will be placed, safety measures surrounding use electricity and your own individual creativity.

What Display to Choose

What display to choose as part of your Christmas yard decoration is entirely up to you and your family; as well, factors such as what message you would like to convey, what your budget will allow, any increase in electricity usage, how much you are willing to invest, etc. should be considered.

If your message simply wants to be whimsical in nature then perhaps a Santa display would be best or if you want to keep your message in line with the true meaning of Christmas perhaps a Nativity scene. Also available is a kneeling Santa in front of the baby Jesus. This particular Christmas yard decoration would capture both aspects of the holiday season.

It is also important to remember that the use of electricity may increase your electrical bill. To find out if there are any significant increases, contact a neighbor to see if their display added significantly to their electrical bill or contact your utility company. This possible increase in electricity usage may also be a significant factor when determining what Christmas yard decoration to invest in.

Where it Will Be Placed

Location for the holiday Christmas yard decoration is a critical consideration. Where it will be placed is contingent upon a number of factors. These factors include the availability of electrical outlets, proximity to the walkways, visibility, etc.

Also, when considering the location for your Christmas yard decoration, make sure that the focal point of your display is not obscured by the surrounding pieces of the display. For example if you are going to use a Santa display, complete with reindeer and sleigh, make sure enough room is given to erect all pieces. Crowding everything together in one small area may detract from your intended objective.

Safety Measures

Because we live in a society that tends to over utilize litigation, it is important that certain safety measures be followed. Therefore, keeping an obstructed walkway, properly securing the Christmas yard decoration (gusts of wind), proper use of electricity, etc., are some of the important factors to remember.

When using an outdoor extension cord, then you should make sure that the cord that you purchase is in fact intended for outdoor use. It is important to obtain the right gauge cord which will allow for the safe flow of electricity. In addition, it is important not to compromise the grounding capabilities of your electrical wiring.

Individual Creativity

Finally, remember to have fun. Be creative and allow that creativity to evolve as you begin the initial setup. Some examples of creativity are to use chaser lights that represent the reins on Santas sleigh or use a big red light bulb as Rudolphs nose.

It is important to remember that not only is this Christmas yard decoration being setup for the enjoyment of others, but is for your own familys enjoyment as well. Also, it will allow for the memories of yesterday to be enjoyed in the present.
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