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An Action Plan for Irresistible Force Management

Apr 14, 2008
Irresistible forces are strong trends, influences, and factors outside your control that have a large influence on your effectiveness. Examples include demographics (such as low birth rates in developed countries), new technology, changes in government policies, weather, and shifts in customer tastes.

Most people just try to ignore those forces. A smarter approach is to anticipate the forces and how they will influence your organization. Then, select a strategy that gives you permanent advantages relative to the forces.

So shed your complacency about irresistible forces, think about how you relate to irresistible forces now, and start using all irresistible force as proprietary advantages. If you are some people when they finish reading about irresistible forces, you may be unsure about what to do first. Here is a list of actions you can take to start now:

1. Write down where your company is good at locating and preparing for tomorrow's irresistible forces.

2. Write down where your firm needs to improve now to respond effectively to tomorrow's irresistible forces.

3. Write down those areas where your business must change in order to perform close to its future potential for irresistible force management, and set deadlines for when those changes need to happen.

4. Share what you have written with those who will have to make the changes. Give them articles about irresistible growth enterprises, and set a time limit for them to review their plans with you for how they are going to meet these deadlines for change.

5. Begin helping everyone in your enterprise learn how to identify the stalls that keep everyone from taking advantage of irresistible forces, how to overcome them through stallbusting, and how to create many breakthrough solutions by using the eight-step irresistible force management process.

6. Put measurements in place for each key activity to track the effectiveness of your response to irresistible forces affecting your company.

7. Begin experimenting with exposing parts of your operations to severe environments in order to create greater ability to work with these forces.

8. Review your progress monthly against what you found initially.

9. Reread articles about irresistible force management annually.

Make two copies of the above assignment and put one somewhere near your office telephone and the other near your computer. You will see the assignment every time you make or receive a call, or write or read an e-mail. Doing this will remind you to communicate these critical points.
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