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How To Expand Your Online Presence

Apr 14, 2008
The more frequently you update your site, the more Google and other search engines will re-index your website. If you want Google to visit your site more often, you simply have to add more content. This will also boost your page rank. Another way to boost your page rank is to have a site with a higher page rank point to your site.

One of the best methods of expanding your online presence is to think beyond the one website mentality. For a nominal incremental cost, you can have a dozen domain names and create a dozen different websites that address different facets of your business, focus on different products lines, or even feature a single product that you'd like to promote. If developing more than one website seems a bit overwhelming, the least you should do is register the domain for each and every product in your lineup, then have them redirect visitors to your main website. If your product names are trademarked, you'll want to own the domain names anyway, but it will also help brand your business.

Offering your knowledge to the online world will help to expand your online presence because your not only giving back to your community and customers, it will help people learn more about you, your industry, and your profession. Online presence is built by creating a buzz and buzz creates new traffic. Becoming seen as an expert in your market will establish your online business, make you reputable, and can drive an enormous amount of significant traffic to your website all at the same time.

Internet marketing is not about numbers, because your goal should never be more. It should be about better visitors, qualified potential customers, and a better conversion of visitor to customer. Internet marketing is not about spending money either. Believe it or not, the less you spend on advertising, the better. Effective online marketing is about being smart in how you promote your company and services. Its just as much about putting in the effort to create a highly findable site and ensuring that each and every page on your site serves as an effective entry point and introduction to the business.

Owning an online business

When you are looking for the best way to make money online, you should search for the type of business that you'll be happy with. Owning a business isn't for everyone. Some people won't be as successful as others, simply because they don't apply themselves. To earn extra money online, you need to believe in yourself and have a business plan that can see you through the hard times.

There are as many ways to earn extra money online as there are people who want to have businesses. It should not be hard for you to find something that appeals to you. Some people sell products and others offer services, but they are both excellent ways to make money online. If the products you have for sale are of good quality and appealing to your customers, then you'll succeed. It's important to make sure that you keep your customers happy.

You should have two business plans: one to start your business and one to keep it running smoothly. You can even hire other people to help you sell your products or to help with filling, sorting and shipping customer orders. Do your research to make sure that any licenses you need to have are in place. There is nothing worse than planning to start your business and being stopped by the red tape because you didn't now about some regulations.

It's also important to remember to include your family in whatever business you have online. They are a big part of your life and deserve to enjoy your success as much as you do.
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