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Internet Marketing - 5 Simple Ways To Get Higher Search Engine Ranking

Apr 14, 2008
Almost every webmaster and internet entrepreneur knows the importance of search engine ranking. Search engine traffic is basically the best targeted type of traffic available for free. This article will show you a few ways to increase your visibility in all major search engines.

1) Create excellent Meta tags.

Meta tags are used to help the search engines decide where to place you in their listings. In other words, Meta tags are html codes that are generally inserted into the website header on a web page after the title tag. In the context of search engine optimization, when people refer to Meta tags, they are usually talking about the Meta description tag and the Meta keywords tag. When you create Meta tags for your website you should be sure to include all keyword that deal with your page. If you need any help then search the internet for a free Meta tag generator.

2) Submit website to search engines and directories.

The best way to increase your search engine ranking and placement is to submit your website to all search engine and directories. This will easily help to boost visibility and attract a lot of targeted visitors. Keep in mind that you website needs to be popular because other website owners are literally competing with you for search engine placement every day. Also the more search engines you submit to, the higher visible your website will become.

3) Build a high number of one way links.

Building back links to your website is vital in the fight for search engine ranking. Search engines see links to your website as votes of confidence. They see that a link from another website to yours means that they website owner really like what they see. Basically, the websites that are number one in the search engines have hundreds or even thousands of back links. But remember, a back link from a high ranking website is looked on more that links from a low level start up website. Any which way, build as many links as you possible can.

4) Keep your website updated with unique content.

Search engines nowadays try to keep as much up to date websites in their listings as possible. The high level ranking sites update frequently with fresh content. Try to image if search engines were not showing updated content to all users. They would end up going out of business and losing the trust of all users.

5) Join forums and write articles.

One of the easiest ways to build your search engine ranking is to increase the visibility of your website. This can easily be done by joining a lot of forums and writing articles. When the search engines see that your website in forums and article directories, they will trust your website a lot more. The more trust you build with them, the higher your website will rank. And the higher your website ranks, the more unique visitors you will gain. This method is also a great way to build a lot of high quality back links. There are many top webmasters who use this tactic for years and dominate the search engines. It will take some practice to create articles, but it becomes easier over time. This will pay off with many number one listings in search engines.
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