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Column Protectors

Apr 14, 2008
Column Protectors & Protection.

Column protectors are used to protect supporting beams, pipes, racks, and columns by providing an encircling, protective barrier around the column base perimeter. Some are designed specifically for indoor use, while others can be used to protect supporting beams in the outside walls of buildings. Most column protectors are easy to self-install, but many companies will coordinate installation on your behalf if the time and cost of self-installation are not cost effective for you to accomplish yourself.

Companies can have a wide variety of used and new column protector models from which you can choose.

Power Coat Guard Rail Modular Machinery Guard Rail Systems.

Modular Guard System are column protectors that can protect machinery, one side of a supporting strut within a wall, or completely surround a stand alone beam or column. As such, modular guard column protectors can be ordered to fit almost any application. They are designed for quick and easy assembly and do not require a third party installer to secure (although companies will coordinate installation for clients who request it). Each railing section of the column protector is installed and secured to the post with a single bolt. You can choose between different railing lengths to custom fit your application.

Modular railing systems are made from heavy-duty 3" square steel tubing. Wall mounting posts may be used to secure guard assembly to a wall. Units are made from steel and coated with durable safety yellow powder coat finish. All components are sold separately in order to allow for custom installation. Ask a Specialist about the various options we furnish, or click here for technical information.

Heavy Duty Column Protectors Heavy Duty Column Protectors

Heavy-duty column protectors feature a two-piece design for protecting in-plant columns and other vertical support members. They can be used around cylindrical or right-angled columns. Companies can include all necessary hardware required to connect both pieces together, and if time is an issue, will coordinate the installation for you as well. These column protectors are made with heavy-duty welded steel construction. Each base plate includes (4) pre-drilled mounting holes. Hardware required for concrete installation is also sold separately by a company. Units are powder coated with a safety yellow finish.

Gantry/Jib Guard Gantry/Jib Guards

Steel pipes and columns can be severely damaged by vehicle impact and can also create a safety hazard if liquid or gas springs from a resulting leak. Prevent costly damage to steel columns, pipe and tubing from carts and fork trucks with gantry/jib guard column protectors. Each unit is made with solid steel design and is constructed of 1/2" thick material for maximum strength. They are ideal for fixed jibs and gantry cranes.

The mounting plate for each jib guard column protector measures 16" wide by 131⁄2" deep and features 6 pre-drilled mounting holes.

Medium Duty Structural Column Protectors Structural Column Protectors

Sometimes it is necessary to completely encase the surface of a column, pipe, or tube to give it maximum protection. In these instances, Structural Column Protectors constructed of UV protected polyethylene provide one of the most effective barriers possible against accidental impact. The units are easy to assemble (with fasteners included at no additional cost) and can be stacked two high. Easy to assemble with fasteners included.

Aluminum Downspout Drain Water Disperser Polyethylene Pipe and Downspout Protectors Pipe & Downspout Column Protectors

Protect down spouts and pipes attached to buildings from damage caused by fork trucks, vehicles and mowers. Steel Down Spout Guards will fit around all standard down spouts. The Poly Pipe Protector fits pipes up to 5" diameter. Units are simple to install, featuring an easy bolt on installation. Companies can ship installation hardware as a separate order or handle installation for you. Downspout and pipe column protectors are available in steel (powder coated in safety yellow) for optimum strength or polyethylene for protection with deflection.

Bumper Wrap is a flexible UV coated protective wrap to protect vehicles from impact and scraping damage while protecting racking posts from constant abuse.Bumper Wrap Column, Pipe & Rack Protectors.

Bumper Wrap is a flexible UV coated protective wrap for use protecting columns, pipes, and rack supports in warehouses, drive-through's, fueling stations and municipal barrier applications. Bumper wrap is made a non-marring, highly visible flexible vinyl. Use it to protect vehicles from impact and scraping damage while protecting posts from constant abuse.
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