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How To Be The 350 Pound Internet Marketing Heavyweight

Apr 14, 2008
The very best strategy for maximizing your presence on the internet and growing your online business is content, content, and more content! You can NEVER have enough content. Real internet marketing experts will tell you to build a bigger site with more quality content pages. Two of my favorite strategies that I'm currently utilizing together and have used for many, many, many years and I would highly recommend you do one of two things (or both):

Option #1 This is the less expensive route. If you consider yourself a well-rounded writer, you could simply write and create your own content. Just keep you a note pad handy and write down ideas that come to your head at any given time of the day. As you become accustomed to writing down notes you will start to put those notes together. Also something that could help you get ideas is by going to your local bookstore or library and purchasing books and magazines on your industry.

Option #2 First, hire a reputable content provider. There are millions of them scattered out all over the internet looking for work. Just look for reputable content providers, freelance writers, content writers, etc. Once you have done a little research and have found a reputable content provider, get them to create about a couple hundred pages that you could use for your content. Content providers can get pretty expensive so be careful and watch your budget. Start off small if you have to. It takes time but the advantage is good links and content build on its on over a long period of time. If you continue this procedure every month you will start to notice a huge effect in your traffic!

This are two powerful methods. Do not overlook this. Trust me when I tell you that in order to be the 350 pound internet marketing heavyweight you need lots of content! And lots of content equals lots of money!

Growing your business online is about hard work and creating a good content rich site that promotes high demand products at a competitive price. The path to a successful long-term business website is about creating and maintaining interesting and engaging content. Websites that gain long-term traffic do so because they offer useful information (content) that's both relevant (targeted) and interesting to visitors.

Brilliantly effective free advertising ideas

What I find most magical about the World Wide Web is the fact that there are numerous effective free advertising ideas that anybody can use on virtually any kind of business and yield some amazing results.

This is precisely one of the reasons why online, tiny micro businesses based at home are able to compete on the same level with Fortune 500 companies and still come out on top.

There are some tiny home based businesses whose main method of advertising is using equally tiny bumper stickers with catchy messages and their URL. The result is that most folks stuck in traffic read the message and visit their site. This free advertising idea ends up being brilliantly effective for them and their business.

Still others find a way to quickly build up their opt-in email list. They then regularly send out relevant information to their huge lists laced with an advertising message that causes a huge percentage of those on the list to purchase their products or services from them on a regular basis.

Then there are those who go out there and find the highest traffic articles directory around and one that has a high Google page rank and they then post articles there that will inevitably end up ranking highly with search engines. Naturally the articles will have links leading traffic back to their site. A simple but very effective free advertising idea that works.

Last but certainly not least is the growing number of online entrepreneurs who have discovered the power of classified ads.

So, get inspired and quit complaining how low your traffic is and how expensive and ineffective advertising is. Instead why don't you roll up your sleeves and explore free advertising ideas that will work best for you?
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