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Search Engine Optimization Tips And Tricks

Apr 14, 2008
Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO these days, is the process of improving your website so that it achieves a higher ranking in a search engine search result. It is one of the most practical and effective marketing strategies now. Knowing the seo tips and tricks of this aspect of internet technology can help you and your business succeed. The following are some useful SEO Tips.

Place navigational links in all web pages. You should allow a search engine to locate all your pages. Search engines look for html link tags. Therefore you should refrain from placing flash or JavaScript navigation links or images on your site.

Provide relevant content. Put as many appropriate and relevant contents as you can in order to have a higher chance at ranking better. People who search for products on a website do price comparisons and research first. So therefore you should include features and contents that will attract the searcher. Once the searcher is impressed, he/she will stick to your website and eventually buy your product.

Place keywords in your text. To improve your web site, you should employ keywords that are related to your field in all your text contents. This will enable search engine spiders to detect them thus giving your website a good chance at ranking higher. However you must not place excessive keywords. Doing so will just be a waste. What's important therefore is consistency and balance in using keywords.

Employ related words and phrases in Meta tags, titles, and headers. This will result in an extensive and consistent range of keywords in your website. More than any other aspect in your website, search engines give a lot of weight on page titles, text, and header meta tags.

Maintain a consistent order or sequence of your keywords. Shifting to another order or sequence of a term or phrase may affect the consistency and balance of your website and may lower your rank in a search engine.

Employ keywords in your file names. Always remember that this is a vital key also in achieving a higher rank in the search results. Use underscore between keywords. This will have a better chance of being detected by search engines. The keywords should best describe the contents of your webpage.

Use keywords in your links. In placing links in your website, use keywords that best describe the webpage link. This will enable the advanced search engines to detect the content of the link.

Submit your website to relevant and widely used sources. Yahoo.com, Zeal.com, and DMOZ.org are some of the most popular manually edited internet directories and are frequently used by widely known search engines such as AltaVista, LookSmart, Google, and Yahoo. Remember also to follow the submission rules of these internet directories to avoid being rejected.

Search engine optimization is the new trend in sales and marketing these days. Following the seo tricks and tips mentioned will make your website a top business or product site. Gone are the days when we had to spend big amounts on marketing and promoting our products.
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