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Managed Hosting For Your Web Hosting Needs

Apr 14, 2008
Managed hosting is simply a type of internet hosting defined by the client leasing a whole server exclusively and not sharing it with other companies. There are many benefits to this concept with very few draw backs. The other alternative to this is shared hosting, defined as a partitioned arrangement in which two or more companies share a web server and all the associated programs an operating system only separated by ruining in their own separate partitions. Let's gain a little more insight into these two types of servers and see why managed hosting may be the best service for your web based needs.

A Dedicated Service

Managed webhosting, or dedicated hosting service as it is also called, is more flexible than shred hosting. Organisations being hosted have more control over many aspects of both the services and how the server runs. Web hosting companies that offer this can usually also provide add on services such as updating, upgrading, and other maintenance and repair needs. This may also mean less overheard and a lager return on the initial investment and subscription services.

The availability of high bandwidth from the access of high powered servers allocated from high powered networks from multiple providers is one reason why many companies have chosen to use outsourced managed hosting servers.

Due to the included services and maintenance, along with set up and high cost of running, an outsourced managed sever makes more economic sense to companies. This is why dedicated server providers usually include service agreements that include a 100% uptime guarantee.

Another is that they are usually networked across multiple quality uplink providers and this ensures that no matter what, the server will stay online, even if an uplink in the network crashes or fails. Dedicated servers now offer greater bandwidth capabilities than most private owned servers can promise, thus increasing total speed for the server and data transfer.

A Shared Service

Just as its name implies, a shared service is a service shared by companies using a single server and all the same programs even running on a separate platform. This is an economical arrangement for both the host and the client; however, it has some severe draw backs. Being that it is shared, this means that all programs, hardware, and the operating system are set up and picked out by the host for all the companies sharing the server to use.

In addition, if unique software is needed for a particular company, it cannot be allowed.

Another huge drawback is that bots and other malware can easily infiltrate all companies' material on a server and even cause information to leak over.

It's Just a Better Deal

Looking at both types of webhosting, it should be easy to see why managed hosting is a better deal. In addition to greater flexibility and ease of use, managed hosting allows the clients information to be safe from malware and hacks that may come from other companies if they were sharing a server. Additionally, managed hosting provides faster connection and bandwidth speeds, vastly improving data transfer. The nearly 100% guarantee of connectivity and the ability to connect multiple company sites in a managed hosting alone provides justification for the little extra cost.

With the extra service provided by a managed hosting company, it will leave you free to run your business, not your server!
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For Business Internet Services and Managed Hosting, he recommends Iconnyx.
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