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Injecting Internet Marketing Into Your Marketing Mix

Apr 14, 2008
A website and online presence is one aspect of the marketing mix for a business. For the small to medium business, there is no reason for a website to be the sole method of marketing - but by integrating a website into your marketing plan you can drive new leads and generate new business that you wouldn't ordinarily reach using a single avenue of advertising.

Web Address Inclusion

Your website can act as a point of reference for all of your leads and existing customers. Include your web address in all forms of your offline communication. If you post physical products, ensure that the packing slips and invoices have the URL of your website in a prominent position. Your website itself can be used to answer many questions that customers might have, reducing the time and even resource needed to respond to problems and questions posed by buyers.

Optimizing Landing Pages For On And Offline Leads

With any form of advertising it is vital to optimize your web landing pages. Optimizing a landing page means providing the content that your visitors expect. You should direct visitors to the most appropriate page on your website to answer their questions or to make a sale. If you use direct mail advertising and are promoting a specific product then direct visitors to the purchase page for that product. If you are offering your website as a place to get answers to questions or to resolve issues, direct them to the knowledge base or customer service page.

Using Online Advertising To Advertise Offline Business

While some businesses are run predominantly online, many websites are used to promote a bricks-and-mortar business. Whatever the purpose of your business, a website usually offers some form of advantage. The Internet is a global marketplace and provides a genuinely affordable method to promote even the smallest business. Very few other methods level the playing field so clearly between small businesses and large corporations.

Using Other Forms Of Offline Advertising In Your Advertising Mix

Newspaper and radio advertising provide a very direct form of marketing. Few websites can realistically afford television advertising but flyers, direct mail, and less expensive advertising methods are a genuinely viable alternative. Again, the key to success in using these forms of advertising is integrating them within your online marketing mix. Only through good integration, directing visitors to the most appropriate page, and optimizing that landing page.


Every business requires a good marketing mix. As well as considering the various forms of online marketing, such as SEO and PPC, the website owner should consider integrating offline advertising into their mix. Direct prospective leads to pre-sell and sales pages to improve conversion rates or, alternatively, direct existing customers to support and technical pages to improve your customer relations and therefore enhance customer retention levels. By getting the balance of offline and online advertising right, your marketing mix will help provide everything you need to gain leads, increase sales, improve customer retention, and rocket your profits.
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Omaro Ailoch is a senior software engineer, an internet marketing expert, and the founder of OC IT Services http://www.ocitservices.com/ a highly skilled California based web development, design, and search engine optimization firm. OC IT Services has successfully improved ROI for small to large businesses and corporations through the successful streamlining of core business practices and the implementation of SEO strategies.
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