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Cross Selling Through Product Promotions

Apr 14, 2008
Cross selling is a method of improving sales figures at very little extra cost. Because a website cross sells items to existing customers, lost customers, and new customers, much of the expensive marketing and advertising has already been conducted. A lot of the cross selling technique is down to how effectively you educate your visitors and potential buyers concerning the range of products you do offer. By also adding promotional offers or attempting to cross sell items using more specific methods it is possible to further increase its impact.

Organic Cross Selling

Some degree of natural cross selling should occur with a strategically planned e-commerce or service provider website. When users browse through an online catalog they will be subjected to categorized items. By using good categories and not being too specific in those categories your visitors will begin to understand the range of products you offer. However, natural cross selling alone won't generate the best results possible for your site.

Link To Related Items

At the very least you should ensure that product pages offer some form of link to related products. The more directly related the products are, the more likely that you will make multiple sales. If you offer telephone ordering or assistance, also ensure that your employees are trained to handle cross promotion without being too pushy. In your own email correspondence with consumers, there is likely to be ample opportunity to promote related and complementary items.

Cross Promote The Same Item

Cross selling can begin with promoting the same item. In the case of consumable goods, offer a discount for the purchase of a greater quantity and ensure that the listed "similar items" include the same item but in different quantities. You can also offer discount to abandoners. A product abandoner is somebody that has viewed or showed interest in an item but then abandoned the process of purchasing. Offer a discount to change their minds. This can be done through emails to the relevant people.

Cheaper Alternatives

Most consumers are looking for the best deal. If you offer an alternative product but at a less expensive price then include this in the similar items. For example, some brands offer what is essentially the same product but at a lower rate. By offering this you give those customers that want the best deal, a cheaper alternative and a reason to proceed with their order.

Products Within The Same Category Or Keyword

A catalog that has been well categorized offers excellent opportunity for cross promotion. Items that fall within the same category can be considered similar to one another. If your catalog also allows the use of keywords then this offers even greater cross promotional tactics presuming you use relevant keywords. Always provide consumers with the chance to search your product catalog and show results in order of relevancy. You don't to deter buyers from finding the product they are searching for, but items considered to be closely relevant will show up in the search results as well.

Cross Promotion Benefits Your Sales

Cross promotion can prove an effective tool to greatly increase your average sale value. Where customers might otherwise purchase a single product, cross promotion helps to persuade them to purchase more and, therefore, part with more money. More sales means greater profits for your business.
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