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Using Statistics To Improve Your Customer Retention And Bounce Rate

Apr 14, 2008
As web marketers we are provided with a slew of statistical information. Much of the information provides value when interpreted properly, although to really take advantage of this value, it is essential that we act upon the interpretation to optimize our website. A good web analytics package is a necessary. Good packages don't have to cost a considerable amount and there are even free packages available that provide ample information. As well as server log information, you should have access to your sales figures and to advertising performance figures.

Basic traffic information

Analytic software will provide you with basic information such as the number of pages that have been viewed on your site. This information also includes the number of visitors, unique visitors, and repeat visitors that you receive. While the information is basic, it's also a good indication of performance and, even on its own, can provide some useful tips to optimize your site.

Retention Rate And Returning Visitors

The majority of businesses survive predominantly through repeat business. Customer retention, therefore, is vital. It is also true that many visitors will not purchase when they first visit your site, but become increasingly likely to do so the more times they do visit. While unique visitors are good for growth, returning visitors are an essential aspect of running a successful website. Fresh content, timely information, and interactive applications will keep visitors returning for more.

What Is Bounce Rate

A bounce is a single page visit to your site. When a visitor clicks a link or an ad, looks at the resulting landing page, and closes your site without progressing this may mean one of several things. Ideally, visitors should look through several pages of your site unless you use links that point straight to the purchase page - however, it is unlikely that most visitors will jump straight into a purchase without first looking around your site.

How To Improve Bounce Rate

A poor bounce rate means that either your visitors are poorly targeted or that your landing copy is poorly optimized. When embarking on any advertising campaign, ensure that the ad copy itself is accurate and targeted to those that will see it and to those that would gain the most from viewing the landing page. Also ensure that the landing page copy is relevant to the content of the ad and provides the information that visitors want to see. Consider including the keywords you used in a PPC or SEO campaign within the body of the content.

More Landing Page Optimization Tips

Landing page optimization should also include a clear Call To Action, good page navigation (limited to essential navigation only) and good accessibility. Another reason for high bounce rates could be a slow loading page. Many first time visitors will simply give up and visit one of your competitors instead.

Why Your Bounce Rate And Customer Retention Rate Is Important

Improving customer retention is most adequately performed by involving them on the site or providing them with a genuine reason to return. Blogs, forums, and web applications are all viable methods to attract return visitors. Keeping your bounce rate low means that you are persuading visitors to navigate around your site. Visitors must be targeted and the landing page that they first open needs to be accessible and well optimized.
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