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Network Marketing Training - The 5 Things In Your Home That Can Destroy Your Home Business!

Apr 14, 2008
The fact that you have decided to build a home business is awsome! And I congatulate you on a great choice...

But...let me ask you a question:

If you have spiders or bugs in your home, do you get rid of them? Of course you do and we all know anyone else would as well.

There are 5 things in your home that can KILL your Home Biz if you are not careful, and many times that happens unknowingly.

A home biz is a great way to build a future, but if you build a home, you surely don't want to let termites eat the wood and destroy it, would you? of course not! You would get an exterminator for it amd make sure the house isn't destoyed.

Isn't your future more valuable than a home?

So let's take a look at what will KILL your home biz, and what to do about it.

1) "Life's Distractions."

Life can be so distracting with all that happens in a day. But most of the distractions are ones we can control but usually don't.

I call them "Time Termites."

They are what happen on a daily basis that eat away at our time and keeps us so busy with 'Life" that our business suffers. If you are part time and working a home business, this is even more important! Because time is money and if you are too distracted to work your business, then the "Time termites" show up and eat away at your business and your self image.

You know you should be working but yet you have things that you need to do that somehow take you away from your biz like phone calls from friends, kids, home duties, etc.

You need to put a weekly SCHEDULE of when you are working, and let people know that you are not available for them (unless emergencies) and you will call them back, or get back to them.

If you don't, then the "Time termites" will eat away at your business, and you will only have yourself to blame.

2) "Being BUSY-but not building."

Is your business a priority in your life?

Is it something that you work DAILY?

I can tell when i coach someone that if they are working their business on a daily, and consistent basis,but not much is happening, then their business is in motion but not movement.

If there is a lack of effectiveness in your home biz, then you have been invaded by what I call "Busy Bugs."

You are BUSY, doing all the wrong things that will not build your business because it is not a priority nor a passion.

You may "pretend" to be working but you are not really. You are simply acting out the motions, and fooling yourself into thinking you are building a business.

If you are not talking to new people everyday and following up everyday, you are BUSY but not building, and that produces not much of a paycheck.

Building requires activities that communicate, market, and recruit if you are doing everything else, then you are letting "Busy Bugs" eat away at your business, and soon your foundation of what you are building will be weak.

3) "Doubts that this REALLY will work."

Do you REALLY believe that you will succeed in your home biz?


That alone will determine a lot of what happens in your home business.

I call them "Doubt Daubers."

They are the "Wasps of Weakness' that can cripple your home business, and invade your mind and sting your thinking with the Venomm of Victim not victory.

You must think in your home business that it WILL work because many spousea re negative because they sense youa re not 100% sold on what you are doing, and if you are not.

Why are you doing it?

"Doubt Daubers" can actually build nests in your home business with the Mud of Mediocrity in your mind; and it will truly "Muddy Up" your business.

Is that what you want for it?


Take control of your home business and get the pest control Police out...to kill the 'Doubt Daubers'and the best way is to read, listen to, learn all you can about what you want to happen -- Success.

if you study success, then your home will have less of a chance to be invaded by the pesty 'Doubt Daubers"!

4)"Not being organized..."

Are you READY to do business? Are you organized?

if not...why not?

If you are not organized, then your business will be invaded by what I call "Clutter Leeches."

They are the leeches that attack your mind because you have so much spread around, and you are not organized, it becomes an 'Emotional Anchor' on your heart and business.

Clutter can destroy your business from just not feeling good about your work environment...

Clutter can visually tell you that you are a failure and a farce.

Clutter can be a reminder that you are "pretending" to be in a business, but not working it like a business.

if you worked inb a company and your work space was a disgrace...

You would be asked to clean it up and get organized.


Don't let the leeches suck your energy.

get a book on getting organized and read it --and DO IT!

5) "Not taking your business SERIOUSLY."


How serious are YOU about your home business?


If you are not serious about your business, if you are "Playing with it," then you are being invaded by "Player's Plague."

And that is a result of being bitten by "Acting Ants."

They are the Ants that help you ACT out building a business....but all you are doing is PLAYING and Acting like a serious business builder.

But you are not really.

If you are SERIOUS -- you will do on a daily basis what will help build your business and that is talking to new people, finding new customers, and finding new partners that may help you build your business.

How serious are you?

Don't let these "5 Killers' kill your business. Be careful of the "Pests of Poor Business habits" that can invade your home business and they are lurking in your home and you may not even be aware of it!

Call the Pest Control!!!

Call ORKIN! (The word ORKIN is found right in the middle of the word WORKING)

And that is called a CLUE!

Blessings...doug firebaugh (c) 2008/all rights reserved
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