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Surviving In A Changing Market

Apr 14, 2008
The market is always changing and in order to keep up with the changes you have to modify your own marketing techniques. The easiest way to stay ahead of the competition is not merely to make changes to what you already have but to keep adding something fresh. Every time you add something to your products and services you are creating new opportunities to increase your sales figures. Sometimes this can mean something as simple as adding some new useful information to your website. It may not sound like much but something as small as an information change can do the trick.

That is nothing compared to what can be achieved by adding a new product or service. Making such additions helps you increase your customer base because you can appeal to new customers in addition to existing ones. Your existing customer base will become more loyal through repeat purchases and it is in your interest to have as many repeat customers as possible. You can also outdo your competition by bundling an older product or service with the new one and making a strong value addition to your latest offering.

Another thing to do is to shape oneself into a valuable resource for everyone. Nothing goes as well as something offered totally free. This can be information. Offer helpful newsletters or website updates. You can do all this quickly and quite economically. Every time someone visits your website for information they can see your products and services and this increases your potential sales.

You must also give yourself a unique touch. This will be the reason why anyone looking for something will come to you rather than go to your competitor for a similar product or service. You can do a number of things to make yourself unique. Make sure you deliver fastest, keep your policies simple, give personal attention to all your customers, and stand by your guarantees and offers. Depending on your niche there will be several factors that can help you become unique and you must utilize them for maximum benefit. This will automatically boost your sales.

A common mistake often made while marketing is promoting the product or service. You should remember that when someone buys something they are not interested in that product as a product but more interested in what that product can do for them. In other words they are looking for a solution to some problem or some tool to make their job easier. You should promote the benefits of your products and services and not the product or service itself. Tell your prospects and customers how their lives can be made easier by using your product or service and they will pay more attention to you. There are very few people that buy a car for the "cool" factor or as a status symbol. Most people are simply looking for a means of private transportation.

Construct your website and sales page around these principles and you have a much better chance of surviving in a changing market.
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