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How To Deal With A Job Loss - A Hidden Blessing In Disguise

Apr 14, 2008
With job loss you may be frightened and full of sorrows, but don't worry you can turn this negative condition into positive one. Always find an opportunity. There is a hidden gift for you in each and every challenge. We are usually unsatisfied with our job and continue doing it until and unless universe pushes us. What you can do now? Are you thinking of starting the business, changing career, or going back to studies? It's time to get off the treadmill and take care. You have been God gifted. It's time for thinking about questions like:
  • Why your job was cut?
  • Have you forgotten to express your talents and promote yourself? This will help you in learning networking and political skills.
  • Have you lost your job because of not having good relationship with peers or manager? Then you need to learn interpersonal skills
  • Were your talents becoming outdated? Then you need to advance your skills.
  • Was company releasing employee because of losses? This will teach you to read caution signals.
Always be flexible and work hard. People may be lazy because they do not want more from life and happy with existing title and salary. Be always ready to accept challenge. In case of lower salary, you can discuss a sign on bonus, better benefits. Step into outside industries and try new things. You need to take risk, one step backward may lead you two steps forward. Always try hard to accomplish your goal.
  • Refurbish yourself:
    Now it's time to focus on your capabilities. Change your thinking, by considering yourself as a package of skills instead of job title. Questions like "Where do you want to reposition yourself?", may confuse you and it's much more difficult to get out of the secretarial or administrative jobs. Don't allow others to define you. Now onwards it is you who has to take decision about your next move.
  • Regain your strength:
    You should do the things that make you feel happy. It's important to regain energy. Get massage. Go for walk. Play with pets, read interesting novels. In short, make play as part of your life.
  • Honor your feelings:
    A loss of job is a great loss. There is a sorrowful process with expectable stages of emotions. These stages include shock, disbelief, anger, rationalization and acceptance. Don't stop your feelings. Talk publicly; energy release will increase your energy.
  • Get Physical:
    Physical activities should be included in your daily routine. It expresses your emotions and also produces endorphins (feel good hormones) in whole body.
  • Dream and visualize it:
    What mind focuses, that grows. So, put on paper whatever you think. Try to dream big and create a picture of your dream. Look at this paper daily. Your mind will think about it daily and thus, your dream will come true.
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