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Helpful Tips To Motivate Your Employees

Apr 14, 2008
If you have a business approach which is people-friendly and focuses on your customers' needs, your clients' pleasure will be sufficient motivation for your employees to keep up their good work.

* It would be best to start from the very beginning. There is no way you can inspire them if you do not teach them the fundamentals of business. To ensure that their basics are aright, you have to promise them sufficient financial incentives. Also make sure the conditions of work and atmosphere within the office are conducive to a healthy working environment. How can you be sure of this? Just ask your employees if they like the situation and implement whatever changes they suggest in order to motivate them.

* Besides the overall working environment and conditions, there is another area which you should ensure is pleasant to your employees. Find out if they like working there, how they feel when they interact with other employees who are in a higher position, etc. You should encourage your employees to have an open, trusting relationship with you (the boss) and other employees. No one should feel uncomfortable while in the office - this is a very basic fact. If relationships between employees are strained, they won't feel motivated.

* It is extremely important that all nitty-gritty is sorted out to establish a smooth working environment. Since this is your company, it is your job to ensure that your employees have the optimum conditions to give their best to the job. You should interact with them in a personal level. Knowing that the boss actually cares about how each one works will stimulate them to work harder and better. After all the basics of the job have been settled, make sure that you allow your employees to give you their feedback about the changes in the office. Just take it slowly, taking up one issue at a time. Hurrying through the business will not work.

* After getting the general things sorted out, it is time to connect on a personal level with your employees. Talk to each and learn more about their personalities, what they like about the work they do, their preferences, their strong points. This personal interest will motivate them no end.

* Do not let your employees get stagnated in their jobs as this is the surefire way to demoralize them. They will feel that no one appreciates them for their creativity and potential. You should give your employees tasks which challenge them intellectually and creatively. Excite them, and thus motivate them as they look forward to a challenge at work every day.
In order to satisfy the wants of your employees, you should ask them what kind of work they want to do, and what they think will be enough of a challenge for them. Every person will respond differently to your personal interactions with them, so you need to notice how you interact with each. You could also try raft-building, paint-balling and away-days to engender team spirit and motivation.
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