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Brainstorming - An Art to Master in Effective Decision Making

Apr 14, 2008
We make lots of choices, which we later regret in life. This is where brainstorming comes into picture. It supports your thinking and helps you get the best out of the situation. Brainstorming facilitates you to expand your thinking and not to restrict anything that comes to your mind. There are few benefits of brainstorming:
  • It brings out great ideas and information hidden within.
  • It cultivates creativity in your mind; it supports the people and finds the endless possibilities.
  • It is fun too as it keeps us on the toes and always keeps us thinking more. It is basically an exploration your own good self.
To survive and to sell, companies need to hit the market regularly with newer and advance ideas. They always look forward to one of their ideas to click and make them successful. So, such upcoming companies give a beautiful platform to all their employees and people in advertising, giving them brainstorming sessions. The results can be inspiring as any employee can come up with a great idea and make the company successful.

Brainstorming keeps a healthy atmosphere around the group and also makes them understand their corporate goal and finding out solutions that will lead them to it. The outcome of a brainstorming could be hundreds of ideas. And the best of those ideas can even change the fate of the company.

Brainstorming doesn't directly lead to single solution. But, it can show you directions. You can even distribute your problem solving approach into several phases to understand brainstorming better. They are visible problem definition, generation of ideas and assessment. So, the second stage is close to brainstorming as ideas are only generated when you have peace of mind and you are relaxed.

Though brainstorming is lenient, open discussion, there are little set of rules to be dealt with.
  1. Every member should invite ideas and not criticize it. Brainstorming should hearten a broad series of ideas. Criticism restrains the participants, and approaching idea may vanish because of it. The leader should be careful and make sure that condemnation or evaluation is not tolerable during the session.
  2. The participants should be allowed to have a ball. Each participant should be free to say whatever he feels like. Ideas seem unrelated but sometimes they have great connections. Though wacky an idea, if competent should be acknowledged, as this point is really important while brainstorming.
  3. Invite quantity along with quality of ideas as this helps too.
  4. Expansion on suggested ideas. The ideas should not stop anywhere. If a particular person is saturated with a school of thoughts, he should exchange with others and it should go on.
So, all in all, after knowing so much about "brainstorming", you might be able to understand how brainstorming is important. Once you think of including brainstorming in your organization, your decision of team is necessary. So go on and come up with great ideas.
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