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10 Ways You Can Use Blogs Right Now

Apr 14, 2008
Now that you have got a basic understanding of the ins and outs of blogs, and several options available, you're probably wondering: How makes this help my business? How makes it help me to stand out?

1. Team Communication. Companies use blogs internally to communicate project status to stakeholders and managers. It beats impeding everybody's email with mass broadcasts. It allows these missives to be archived, indexed and easily searched.

2. Enrich Your Clients. You can easily link to articles and resources relevant to your readers and their needs. You can much easily attract experts to provide value-added content to your audience.

3. Get to Cognize Your Customer. Common man buys from being they don't know. Blogging allows you to demonstrate your skillfulness and point-of-view quickly and easily. In addition, blogs allow the customers to obtain your updates in the format they choose.

4. Collaborate. You can create your own marketing buzz to driving attention and buyers to your products and services. Several companies use internal blogs to report on projects or to track activity groups distributed about the world.

5. Research and Development. Weblogs are the perfect forum to test out new ideas and obtain instant feedback. You can allow others to see how you develop your products and services, and at the same time, they can tell you how better to serve them.

6. Go Global. Blogs, like different online media, allow you to take your business and ideas to a worldwide market. Translation services are deed better every day, allowing much folk to see online content in several languages. I've helped bloggers from New House of york to New Zealand, from Hoosier state to India.

7. Hidden Entrance to the Press. Journalists are busier than ever and blogs provide a virtual directory of pundits on any topic. You and your institution can be the content expert they're looking for. Furthermore, if your institution is talked just about in the blogosphere it could end up mistreatment that exposure as a back door to the press.

8. Get Published. Publishers are turning to blogs to find new writing talent. Blogs can give a publisher a taste of your writing style as well as a sample of your depth of knowledge. Content specific blogs show a a commitment to a certain topic or subject matter.

9. Write your book. Let your readers help you write your latest book or article. Post chapters or ideas, then let readers help you in researching, testing and suggesting ideas. Or, use a diary after your book is publicised to update the material or to answer questions from readers.

10. Success Stories. Invite clients to diary just about their successes with your products and services - it's like a living testimonial that ne'er ends. As clients share their experiences, your prospects can see first-hand how you can help them, too.
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Andy Wibbels is a blogging evangelist and creator of the Easy Bake Weblogs seminar that has helped hundreds of small businesses all over the earth leverage blogs and RSS news feeds to increase profits and save time. You can transfer his free special report on business and blogs at http://easybakeweblogs.com
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