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A Review Of Web Based Email Marketing Software

Apr 14, 2008
Email marketing seems to be the new craze in town as more and more businesses or companies are setting up strategies or revolving their marketing plans around it. It would be indefinite to say that email marketing is the sure way to improve one's business, but it definitely would be praised as a smart move to promote your business. You should have heard of this phrase, "The money is in your list", and it is very true!

There are several different web-based email marketing software out there in the market, but today we shall focus on one of them mainly, Mailloop.

Email marketing is very hot topic now that it has been proven to bring in extra revenue and also potentially growing your customer base. However, while the pros of having more money and also leading your passive viewers into ferocious buyers, not many people actually last throughout the whole process, with many faltering halfway through.

The main reason is that email marketing actually requires a person to be very much involved in it, and a recent research has shown that approximately 75% of everyone who uses email marketing would spend at least 15 to 50 hours just to handle and maintain it. No doubt that seems little to someone who might potentially earn a lot more just by doing that, but it seriously restricts the potential of these people to expand even further.

An extremely busy person who has other priorities to attend to would not be able to allocate so much of their time to just one particular thing in their lives. As such, that is the reason for the existence of email marketing software such as Mailloop. Deemed one of the best web-based email marketing software, there are lots of advantages that it brings, and most of it being the easy to use interface as well as the amount of time saved because it does most of the job that is time-consuming.

Mailloop offers a opt in form template that comes ready and all you have to do is to add it on into your website and voila; you have your very own opt in page there! The easy to use interface as well as the step by step guide helps your potential customers to easily follow through and opt in into your email listing. Besides, Mailloop also stores emails automatically without you having to do that manually. Thus, you would be able to send out your welcome message or email with just a click of the mouse instead of having to do it one by one manually.

Besides that, Mailloop also provides nice looking and enticing templates that aim to draw more customers to you. Friendly-looking and pleasant to the eyes, it would certainly be a hit amongst your potential customers. Moreover, you would get to keep your spam complaints and blacklists all without having to trash them. This would be important as it would help you track back those spammers and people who have a bad impression of you and you would have a record of them, instead of having to send them another email the next time around.

On top of that, Mailloop allows you to schedule your sales and promotions so that you would not have to worry about them when the date comes. If you are unsure and worried about it, you just have to drop by and check on it without any hassle. All in all, Mailloop seems to be the perfect web-based email marketing software that you can find. With its user-friendly control panel, you need not be afraid to be overwhelmed by all of the functions and you can start your email marketing scheme today!
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