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How To Go About Your Job Search In the UK

Apr 14, 2008
In the UK we spend more time in work than in any other country in Europe. As a result, our jobs tend to play a massive role in our lives and in many ways define who we are. As we spend on average five out of the seven days a week in work it is extremely important that we have jobs that we enjoy. Far too often people waste away in jobs that they don't enjoy and become miserable as a result. For this reason finding a job that suits your interests and pays well enough to sustain your lifestyle. So how do you go about your job search in the UK?

Often people are put off from embarking on a career or job change because the process of finding a new job is daunting. But it really needn't be this way. The internet has made browsing for jobs simple and quick. You can even search for jobs on your lunch break. If you decide to sign up to an agency they may even approach you with jobs that suit your criteria. So searching for a job can be very easy. Nevertheless there are some important parts of the process that can be demanding and that require you to commit both time and effort.

Writing a CV

Possibly the most tedious of all of the aspects of a job search, writing a CV can put off many job seekers. Part of this anxiety is that the CV is a vital part of the process as it is the piece of paper that is presented to an employer and it is meant to sell you. This can be a difficult task especially bearing in mind that the CV needs to be short enough to remain interesting and also it needs to detail your entire life's achievements.

They best way to make a start at a CV is to find an example CV on the internet, choose a design that you like and replace the information with your own. Using another CV as a template will make the whole process much quicker and easier to complete. All you will need to do is collate all of the past jobs that you have done and your references. If you can spend time on this part of the process it will open the door to hundreds of new jobs.

Apply to as many jobs as possible

Finding jobs that suit your exact requirements is not always easy. If for example you want a specialist job that pays a lot of money and is located in your town you are unlikely to find many jobs with these requirements listed. As a result it is important that you are not to specialised or picky when you make applications. It is strongly recommended that you apply to as many jobs as is possible.

Apply to jobs that broadly suit your skills and interests. You may find that a job that sounds boring actually turns out to be interesting if the people that work at the workplace are fun or if the management are good to work with. It is very difficult to make this judgement from a job advert so try and go to as many interviews as you possibly can - it may turn out to be perfect!
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Shaun Parker works for a succesful recruitment agency which helps the unemployed who are Job Search UK. He has many years of experience under his belt and hopes that this guide benefits those looking for work.
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