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How To Operate A Successful Bed & Breakfast

Apr 14, 2008
If you have every stayed at a bed & breakfast you likely had an opinion to share about the experience. If it was a good one you probably are willing to return to it again in the future. If the experience wasn't a good one though you have likely marked it off your list of places to stay. As an owner of a bed & breakfast you need to avoid common mistakes so that everyone will want to see what you have to offer and then want to come back after they have experienced it.

If you want to have a successful bed & breakfast business you are going to have to carefully select your location. It is going to play a significant role in the amount of business you are able to generate on a regular basis. Make sure you engage in plenty of different methods for advertising as well.

The only way to get people to take notice of your bed & breakfast location is to advertise what you have to offer. This needs to be done online, in magazines, in the newspaper, and with community events that take place around town. The more people that take notice of your bed & breakfast the more successful you will be. Don't make the mistake of assuming people will find out about it - do your part to make sure they do.

Don't forget to advertise your bed & breakfast on the internet as well. Most people use this as a resource for accommodations and you want to make sure they come across your information. Invest in a quality website that offers terrific pictures of the inside and outside of the bed & breakfast. Make sure you include information on activities and attractions in the area as well.

Too many bed & breakfast locations offer comfortable rooms and delicious food, but they are still missing a very important ingredient to be a successful business. The level of customer service you offer to your guests is vital to the overall image they have of your bed & breakfast. It is important that you are sincere in your efforts to please them and that they feel very comfortable communicating their needs with you and other staff members.

Since you never know when a guest will need assistance, someone should be available to them at all times. They may need a ride due to an emergency or something as simple as some medication for a headache or a toothbrush because they can't find theirs. Going the extra mile to ensure these types of needs are met are very important to the guests staying at your bed & breakfast.

If you aren't familiar with how other bed & breakfast locations operate you should try to stay in several of them before you open your own. Pay attention to how they greet their guests and the various services they provide. Chances are you will find plenty of good information to use in your own business. By exposing yourself to the issues that aren't being met for guests at bed & breakfast locations you can be sure to fill in those gaps with yours.

Operating a successful bed & breakfast can be difficult at times, but knowing what issues you may face will help you stay on top of them. In order for your business to thrive instead of fail you have to pay close attention to the many different areas of the business. Offering clean rooms and great food is only a small portion of what it takes to have a successful bed & breakfast.
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