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Apr 14, 2008
Finding a good venue finder can really help you in your push to come up with the best venue for your event. Whether it is a meeting for 5 people to a huge conference for 1000's venue finding teams can normally help. Good venue finders will be free for venue finding as they gain money from the venue itself through commission. This however does not sway their decision to give you venue options. Venue finding agencies are independent and revolve around their will to offer you the free service and their experience in finding suitable venues for events of any size.

Once you have found a venue finder you need to find out how genuine they really are. It's easy these days to have a call centre in the Far East and have computers tell you how good a venue is but that simply does not compare to the human skills someone in the UK will obviously have over someone in the Far East. This is because venue finders are normally tasked to go on venue show arounds and even get offered to stay at the hotel overnight and have breakfast for free simply so that the venue finder can create a web page about the venue to get them a few more visitors.

Venue finding can be a hard task for anyone but most venue finding companies have years upon years of experience and can immediately think of some venues for your event as soon as the enquiry comes in. That knowledge cannot be substituted for anything as it provides you with a fast service that is normally friendly and can also offer good advise on the venues if the venue finder has already been to the venue. The service a venue finder provides becomes essential when it comes to contacting the venue. A venue finder has a lot of contact between the venue and themselves often creating a kind of friendship there so that they can negotiate their clients a reduced rate which in turn saves the client money.

Venue finding is a task which is best done by a venue finding agent. You can find thousands of companies all offering a free venue finding service but really you need to compare them and go to the best one according to yourself. Many companies can offer many things but you need to decide whether you can trust the company to get you the best venue at the best rate and within your budget. Normally making an enquiry online is a standard feature however response times aren't always advertised.

Also, venue finding companies are great if you are in a hurry to get a venue booked. Some even have turnaround times of as little as 4 hours so you can definitely get a venue booked if its not too late in the day.
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Shaun Parker has been Venue Finding for many years. He shares his experience to help you find the right venue.
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