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How To Target Your Leaflet Delivery In The 21st Century

Apr 14, 2008
Leaflet delivery companies are all the same, right? If my company is at all niche, there's no point in using them, right? Because the standard industry practice is to mail out flyers randomly to a postcode area, with no thought for where the leaflets might be put to best use, right?

Wrong! In this day an age, most direct marketing companies offer sophisticated profiling systems, which allow them to target distribution to tight socio economic groups. What was once random 'stab in the dark' distribution is now a highly sophisticated, targeted method of ensuring that your potential clients and only your potential clients receive your message.

This, in essence, makes leaflet delivery a far more cost effective way to market your business, as it involves minimum wastage of your flyers. You can be sure that every property that receives your leaflet is within your target market, which will help you to build brand recognition, and will give you a basis to begin a targeted marketing campaign to those same properties on a regular basis.

The key thing to keep in mind is that no one knows your target market like you do. As an MD, Marketing Manager or the like, it's likely that you will have spent years researching your customer base. You will know where they live, how much money they make, what they have for dinner every third Thursday of the month and so on. All of this information is crucial when allocating the areas for distribution.

A good leaflet delivery company will work with you to ensure that all the knowledge that you have is processed together with their in house profiling systems. The key here is communication. You may already have a rough idea of the area that you wish your flyers to be distributed into, but the profilers will be able to tell you the exact number of properties within the area that fall into your categories. As long as both parties are clear on what the other is suggesting, the campaign should be a success.

It is important in this instance to choose an established leaflet delivery company with considerable experience in this field. Although profiling software is a fantastic development in the world of distribution, sometimes there is no substitute for local ground level knowledge. If the company has been distributing for a number of years, it will have trained and trusted staff in all areas of the country who will have extensive knowledge of the area in which they distribute. It is ultimately that team of distributors who will ensure that your material is only delivered to properties with garage doors, or front lawns, or driveways.

It is clear that to profile your distribution to ensure that you reach as much as possible of your target market is the most prudent way to conduct a direct marketing campaign, and has the most chance of success. This is especially true when the same formula is repeated to the same households on a regular basis in order to build up brand recognition. Be clear with your leaflet delivery company about exactly what you want, and above all, ensure that you plan your distribution in plenty of time. By combining your knowledge about your customer base with the detailed knowledge of an established leaflet distribution firm, you will be well on your way to a recipe for success.
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Shaun Parker knows a lot about leaflet distribution. He shares his knowledge to help people make the most of leaflet delivery and door to door marketing campaigns.
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