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What Are The Benefits of An Unsecured Business Cash Advance?

Apr 14, 2008
Maintaining a constant cash flow is an essential requirement for any business. Even more running a small business often needs working capital at times of crisis.

The business cash flow can be disrupted due to various unexpected reasons, like: debt payment, purchase of brand new equipment or starting a franchise might cause additional disruption in cash flow especially of a small business.

There are many options for choosing the right lender to gain these funds, and the whole process can be quite confusing. The method of financing is an important element that determines the success of the company and thus a comprehensive understanding of the available funding choices is almost mandatory.

A business cash advance is one of the easiest methods of acquiring essential business funds. It is very similar to a small business loan. However, small business loans require the business owner to provide proof of assets and salary, but instead a business cash advance is great for an entrepreneur to get funds when he lacks great credit or doesn't have the ability to get funds by the traditional bank loan.

The most important requirement for a business cash advance is that the business accepts credit transactions, i.e. it should allow it's customers to pay with either visa or master card. It is essentially a cash advance and not a business loan; therefore every time the business collects a payment, a small percentage of it is automatically forwarded to meet the payback of advance.

Business working capital loans are another great way of acquiring funds and are the traditional and most commonly used funding option by most small business owners. However, it is not as easy to get the needed cash flow in this method as compared to a business cash advance. Working capital loans (from banks) are difficult to qualify for if compared with a business cash advance as an alternative source for working capital funding.

The credit score of the business owner, the personal collateral and various other factors are strictly considered before acceptance of capital loan. However, most small businesses owners would easily qualify for a business cash advance.

Applying for a working capital loan requires completing a lot of paperwork and takes quite some time. However, it is the same does not apply for a business cash advance. Business cash advances are processed much faster and it involves relatively no paperwork, thus making the process of working capital funding much easier and faster. Moreover a business cash advance does not have a fixed term for payback schedule as the case is with small business loan.

The repayment is done from future credit card sales receivables and the businesses generally don't even feel the pinch. But instead in the case of small business loan, if the business owner fails to repay the loan, it will not only affect his personal credit score but also poses a great threat of losing his personal collateral. No matter what's the business volume on a particular month the business owner will need to pay for the loan according to the pre-determined fixed monthly amount.

If you carefully consider all these, you will end up with the conclusion that a business cash advance is the best option for a smart business owner, and will allow him acquire the much needed working capital.
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