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Apr 15, 2008
Making your job search simple and straightforward is vital when you are looking for a change or for a better job. The benefits of successfully finding a job that suits you are well worth the effort that it takes to find a job. Sadly finding the perfect job is not always simple and like anything in life it requires hard work and tenacity so that you can make the most of your situation.

We all spend a great deal of our lives in our workplace and finding a great job can have an enormous impact on your life. As a result it is well worth investing time and effort into the job search process. After all time and effort here could lead to the perfect job and make your future a lot more enjoyable.

Every hour that you invest into your job search is exactly that - an investment. Many people don't see the value of investing time in the job searching process and as a result they rush through writing a CV and apply to a small number of jobs. This really limits their success rate and these people generally have to settle for whatever jobs they are offered. People that do value the process achieve better jobs and often are in the position where they can choose between a number of options. So what do you need to do to make your job search a success?

Writing a CV

Writing a CV is often one of the most tedious parts of the job seeking process. It is however also one of the most important. The CV is the piece of paper that tells the potential employer who you are, the skills you have and the qualifications that you have. It must sell you and encourage the employer to invite you to interview. Because of the importance of getting the CV right many people are daunted by writing a CV. But there is no real reason to be nervous about compiling your CV. One great method is to find an example CV online and use it as a template. All you have to do is replace the information in that CV with your information. You must include your latest employment and a list of other jobs that might be of relevance to the jobs that you are applying for.

It is vital that throughout the writing process you stay positive about the skills that you have. For each of your past jobs you should include a brief description of the roles that you played. For example if you had a position of responsibility you should be sure to mention it. This is no time to be coy! The CV should also be easy to read. Try and keep it as short and informative as possible. If you find it boring to write it is likely that it will be boring to read so make sure that you are enthusiastic about yourself and your skills.

Get Your CV Out There!

Once you have written an exciting and engaging CV (which I am sure you will) you need to get it out to as many job postings as possible. Try not to be too selective. Send it to recruitment agencies, jobs that you find on the internet and jobs that you find in the paper. The more jobs that you apply to the more likely you are to be successful.

Even if the job doesn't sound perfect it is well worth trying for an interview. It is not until you have been to the workplace and met a few of the people that you can be sure the job is for you. That being said sometimes even the most boring jobs have real perks - like a good working atmosphere. So try as many places as possible! Soon you will be in the perfect job.
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Shaun Parker is extremely experienced in job searching. So if you are looking for East Anglia jobs then heed his advice.
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