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How To Make Money Online By Knowing What You Are Worth

Apr 15, 2008
Salespeople are not paid for their ability to cold call. Anyone can pick up a phone, dial a random number and be told, "No." Salespeople are paid for their knowledge about how to turn that "no" into a "yes."

Expert witnesses get called in by lawyers because of what they know not because they can see the tire tracks in the mud. They understand what those tire tracks mean.

Everyone in a professional setting is paid for what they know and not what they do. You can do the same while you make money online. You are entitled to be compensated appropriately. The first thing you need to know when you want to do this is how to determine your worth. What are people getting paid and why are they getting paid that? Once you know the value of your knowledge then you can get "make money online."

Maybe you are worried that what you know is only worth $5.00 at the most. $5.00 does not seem like a lot of money nor does it even seem worth it. When looking at the bigger picture, however, it is much more appealing. 75% of Americans have access to the internet. If 1,000 people pay you $5.00 then you have made $5,000! If 10,000 people pay you $5.00 then you have made $50,000! And you can make that money online. All you have to do is know what you are worth.

Learning How to Make Money Online with Your Skills

We all have talents. Most people do not know the value of the wealth of information they hold in their minds. Do you have a knack for words? Are you really good with needlepoint? Are you a good craftsman or fly fisherman? Perhaps you are a hunter and you know the ins and outs of skinning game or tanning hides. All of those can be marketable skills. All of those can help you make money online.

There is nothing wrong or shameful about asking to be compensated for your knowledge. It took you time, effort and probably money to learn what you know and you have the right to ask to be compensated. Just because you want to make money online does not mean your services are less valuable than anyone else's services.

When we really think about it, don't we pay all professionals for what they know? Are administrative assistants paid for their ability to pick up a phone handset? No. They are paid for their ability to juggle twelve different tasks and make sure their boss knows the dry cleaning is picked up and Mr. Jones is the client who is allergic to peanuts. They are paid for what they know and how well they know it.

How to make money online with your knowledge in the digital age

People who want to make money online may have tried in the past and failed. There is a good reason why they failed. They did not have the right guidance. Without the right guidance, you might as well stay with your office job and continue making your boss richer.

With the right guidance, you work for yourself and make money online. With the right dedication and diligence, you may be able to retire in just a few years with a seven figure income. It is possible and there are internet entrepreneurs who are willing to tell you how.

Proper Guidance

You may be wondering what you could know that other people would pay you to learn. Here is just one example. There are websites that are trying to be information powerhouses. They will pay you for information on nearly every subject. What are your hobbies? Do you enjoy hunting? Do you change the oil in your car? Have you raised children and do you know how to get gum out of hair? Any and all of that could earn you money. There is one hitch. These information powerhouses do not want people to know that John Q. Public provides the information so it is very difficult to find out who pays for information from experts and who does not.

Using Your Talents to Make Money Online

We all have talents. We all know something another person does not know and in this information age, people will pay you for what you know. If you take your knowledge to the streets, you can reach the people in your neighborhood. If you take your knowledge to the web, you can reach the world and make money online. In the not too distant future, there will not be a place on Earth that lacks internet access.

Are you going to do this or will you step aside and let someone else do it? If you do not want the freedom of working for yourself and the flexibility of setting your own hours then take the next exit on the information superhighway and yield to people who want to make money online.
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