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A Review Of The List Bandit Opt-in List Building System

Apr 15, 2008
There are a lot of different get rich quick schemes out there. If you are looking for a way to make money online or find an income opportunity, then you have probably came across several of them. There is a program out there call List Bandit, and this is nothing like a get rich scheme; although it can get you rich. It is important to realize, that with this tool you can become very successful; but by itself you really cannot do much.

What They Are

List Bandit is a program that helps you to build your opt-in list. If you do not know what that is then you are probably not ready for this system. An Opt-in list is a list of people that choose to be on your mailing list. In marketing terms, it pretty much means you have a list of people to try and sell stuff too. The nice thing about these lists is that people actually choose to be on them; hence the opt-in portion of the title.

What They Do

There is a community built around this system. Everyone in the List Bandit community works together to build one giant list and everyone takes turns getting different portions of the list. Overtime, the system claims to be able to bring you as many as 200,000 email addresses. Although it seems kind of insane, it is very possible. There are plenty of marketers out there that have opt-in lists bigger then this one. It isn't hard to imagine that many people together could build a list this big. There are two different sections to this program; one of them is free while the other one costs $127.00. Once you sign up as a free member, you get a very aggressive offer to become a diamond member which adds a lot to your membership.

How You Make Money

If you are not into online marketing you my be asking yourself how this List Bandit program would benefit you or make you money? Well, unless you have a product or a website it probably won't help you much. With a big opt-in list you then have a ton of prospects and leads to make sales. Even if you do not have a product, you could use it for affiliate programs and sell other peoples products to get a commission. For the most part, this will benefit people that know more about the industry to make the most money.

What We've Heard

All in all, there have not been any bad reviews on List Bandit. The program is very legitimate, but it is not by any means a "make money program". You have to have much more then just this tool to be successful. It is a wonderful tool though if you have the other things that it takes to be a successful internet or email marketer. There is no doubt however, that this is the number one tool to success. The hardest part is building a list. If you can do that then the rest will all fall into place.

The best thing you could do is give it a try as a free member for a while. List Bandit has a forum that you could hang around, and then if you get comfortable - make the move to the big time. It seems that people have mixed opinions of their services.
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